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Set-Up This Full-Body Workout Tool In Under 60 Seconds

POSTED ON MARCH 18, 2020, 11:00:00 PM

TRX Home2 System

Set-Up This Full-Body Workout Tool In Under 60 Seconds

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Let’s talk about the theory of relativity. Not Einstein’s theory, but the idea that certain tasks are harder for some people than others. Take furniture assembly, for example. Some people can assemble an Ikea dresser blind-folded without breaking a sweat, others are traumatized at the site of the instruction manual. The same logic applies to fitness equipment: assembling a weight rack or a BowFlex is challenging for most people—but a tool like the TRX Suspension Trainer is universally easy to set-up. No tools or professionals required!


Home workout tools have seen a huge spike in popularity over the last five years. When Peloton first introduced its slick-bike-meets-streaming-workout concept, the idea of boutique fitness at home seemed like something that only a select few could afford. Now, it’s common to see Peloton’s delivery and installation teams loading a bike into your neighbor’s home. For strength-targeted workouts, Mirror and Tonal are offering their own high-end home equipment. 

Each of these options presents challenges, too. A team of professionals must install your new fitness toys. Then there’s a monthly subscription fee—on top of the initial equipment investment—to access the full range of workouts. And, with the exception of Mirror, there’s no hiding bulky workout equipment, no matter how beautifully designed it may be. 


The TRX Suspension Trainer is a simple, effective alternative to steep price tags, monthly subscriptions, and space-limitations. For less than $200, you get a full-body home gym that’s ready to use, straight out of the box. Plus, with the TRX HOME2 SYSTEM, you also receive one year’s FREE access to the TRX APP, which is full of pre-recorded workouts from world-class trainers. 

Best of all, setting up the TRX Suspension Trainer in your home is easy: you don’t need any tools; just the straps and the door anchor. 


If you’re setting up your TRX Suspension Trainer inside using a hinged door, simply toss the TRX Door Anchor over a door, then shut the door to secure the anchor. (If you have the option of locking the door without locking yourself out, do that as well.) Next clip your TRX Suspension Trainer onto the door anchor. In less than 15 seconds, you’re ready to work.

Everything you need for your Suspension Trainer can be folded up and returned to the handy carrying pouch. Take it with you, store it out of sight: it’s up to you!

You want fitness equipment at your home so you can squeeze in a workout when it’s convenient for you. From set-up to storage, the TRX Suspension Trainer works with your lifestyle to ensure that you can meet your fitness goals on your terms.

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