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Setting Expectations: The TRX® Pre-Workout Frame-Up (ie. “The Pep Talk”)

Posted on Tue, 11 Apr 2017 12:17:00 -07:00

Setting Expectations: The TRX® Pre-Workout Frame-Up (ie. “The Pep Talk”)


At TRX we stand strong in our TRX Coaching Philosophy and make it our goal to deliver the best training experiences to our clients and customers. This includes (and arguably starts) with each and every member that walks through the doors of our our TRX Training Center in San Francisco -- as well as anyone who takes a TRX Class (taught by all of you guys) across this globe.

So how do we make sure that great experiences are achieved everywhere? As our TRX Qualified and Certified Coaches progress through the TRX Education Journey, it is essential that they become competent in the principles behind the TRX Experience, a key component of both our TRX Group Training Course (GTC), and TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC).

Obviously, both courses aim to equip you - as the TRX Coach - with the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective... but at the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. After all, we are in the “people business” and to build a successful company and/or personal brand, you must first develop and sustain these relationships. That’s why it’s so important that you stringently apply the principles (put forth in both the GTC and the AGTC) that lie at the core of the TRX Experience each and every time you teach,  to cultivate both familiarity and loyalty amongst your customers. Ultimately, streamlining this stuff will give you efficiency, consistency, digestibility for your clients, etc.

One of the essential components in creating a compelling workout experience, is the TRX Pre-Workout Frame-up.

What is the TRX Pre-Workout Frame-up?

We don’t expect you to go all Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, but delivering a brief pre-workout pep-talk allows you to create a culture, set expectations, and get your clients excited for their training session (particularly important for new clients). Here are a few elements that make-up an effective pre-workout pep-talk:

  • Thank the class for coming
  • Introduce yourself
  • Describe the movements you’ll be focusing on – e.g. the hinge and the squat – and the type of session it will be (such as mobility or yoga-focused, HIIT, etc)
  • The goals for and benefits of the session, such as improving strength or mobility
  • How the clients should expect to “feel” during the workout (ie. allowing them to gauge how hard they should be working - for instance, in an HITT class vs a recovery/mobility/yoga-inspired workout)
  • How the clients will likely feel afterwards
  • Explain how many rounds there will be, the number of repetitions/duration for each movement and the duration of each break
  • Outline any equipment requirements for the class, such as a towel and water bottle
  • Get your clients enthused about the session
  • Go through your pre-workout ritual, such as saying “When I say ‘TR’, you say ‘X’”
  • Indicate that the session will now begin

Check out the video above to see what a TRX Pre-Workout Frame-up looks like.

Want to learn more about delivering the TRX Experience?

Check out the TRX Group Training Course, or TRX Advanced Group Training Course.


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