Specialize Your Training with TRX for Golf

Posted on Mon, 06 Jun 2016 03:53:00 -07:00
Specialize Your Training with TRX for Golf
With summertime upon us, golf is taking center stage in the world of outdoor recreation. A surefire way to increase your demand as a trainer lies in your ability to differentiate and specialize. In essence, if you can identify a substantial population and then provide specialized training to that population, you’re putting yourself ten steps ahead on the road to success. With nearly 30 million golfers in the U.S. alone, chances are you have more than a couple of clients who are trying to improve their technique and skill level. Lucky for you, we had the opportunity to interview TRX Master Instructor, Trevor Anderson about his journey, experiences and above all, how he has specialized his training with TRX. “T.A.” is the Director of Golf Performance for David Leadbetter and his elite golf academies worldwide, and Brand Ambassador and Director of Golf Performance for Under Armour. He currently works with some of the best golfers in the world, including current World #1 LPGA player, Lydia Ko, and two-time and current World Long Drive Champion, Tim Burke. His current and former client list includes countless professional and amateur golfers, including PGA, LPGA, European Tour, and Symetra tour players.
TRX: How did you get into training and fitness in general?
TA: Ever since 11th grade, when I had an honors anatomy and physiology class (which I aced!), I have been fascinated with the inner workings and outward physical expression of the human body. Even though I initially decided to study another field when I got to college, by the end of college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do - fitness and performance.  
TRX: How did you get into training golfers, specifically?
TA: Initially, golfers came to me. My first pro golfer, Kevin Hall, referred by a mutual friend, wanted to get fitter and stronger with the goal of playing better golf and one day reaching the PGA tour. At  first, I thought that it was all about rotational power, then I quickly begin to realize that STABILITY was really the foundation of the golf swing, so I began to incorporate stability work into everything that I did, and I still do today. 
TRX: How is TRX an effective tool in your training?
TA: TRX helps me set the foundation for all of the movement that I know is necessary for great posture and performance in the golf swing. I set the plank as the foundation, and use the Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer to continue to challenge it with different movements to enhance balance, power, speed and overall golf performance. 
TRX: How would you recommend other trainers leverage the skills they’ve learned in their TRX Education to improve their clients’ golf games and/or athletic endeavors?
TA: I feel that the golf world is missing movement specialists like us. There are a few great ones out there, and they do very well in the industry. Their ability to relate the information of movement to the biomechanics of the golf swing have made them a very valuable asset to golfers to improve their games. If you can move better, you can play better, no matter what your sport is. Understanding the basics of the golf swing, by using a movement based, body first approach, is an extremely valuable tool and skill set to have for any trainer. TRX education truly helps trainers and movement specialists understand how to help golfers and other athletes move as efficiently as possible through all of the foundational movements.
TRX: Do you have any great TRX/training success stories (golf specific or otherwise) that you would like to share?
TA: Well, I use the TRX Rip Trainer and Suspension Trainer on a regular basis with world’s  #1 female golfer, Lydia Ko, and the two-time and current World Long Drive Champion, Tim Burke. Also, Jodi Ewart-Shadoff, one of my top LPGA players travels with the RT and ST religiously, and is arguably one of the absolute fittest players on the LPGA tour. We have been able to achieve success on many levels with these TRX tools - whether it’s in Orlando at our gym, the Better Every Day Performance Institute, or on the road during tournaments and competitions. I am honored to have a small part in the amazing careers of these amazing athletes. 
TRX: Which education courses have you taken? And which are your favorite and why?
TA: I have taken the Suspension Training Course (STC), Rip Training Course (RTC), Functional Training Courses (FTC), Group Training Course (GTC), and Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course (SMSTC). My favorite is the FTC. The principles that I learned in that course have set the foundation for my training over the last several years on a daily basis -  for myself and for my clients. It was awesome to have the opportunity to take the FTC - several times - first, with Chris Frankel, then again with Mike Piercy and Derek Snowden. Now I have the opportunity to teach that class to the fitness world which is great. 
TRX: Have the principles that you learned in your TRX Education Journey helped you in your training for golfers? How about your training in general?
TA: Absolutely. Especially in the department of STABILITY, one of the three "principles of progression" from the STC course. Learning how to increase and decrease intensity by changing the base of support is a huge concept when I train my clients, and when I'm training myself. 
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