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Strong Core & Solid Foundation: Key In The Golf Swing

Posted on Mon, 07 Aug 2017 09:43:00 -07:00

Strong Core & Solid Foundation: Key In The Golf Swing

Strong Core & Solid Foundation: Key In The Golf Swing

With August being National Golf month, we had an opportunity to sit down with professional golfer, Sebastian Crookall-Nixon to see how he trains.

“TRX plays a vital role in my professional golf career and the results I’ve seen over the past 10 months have been staggering.”

Seb tends to workout early in the morning so he can get his day started right. “I’m usually in the gym for about 2 hours, doing a combination of cardio, core and explosive strength exercises,” says Seb.

Since having a strong core and solid foundation in your lower body is key in the golf swing, he likes to fixate the majority of his workouts on his core and legs.

Here are three of Seb’s favorite TRX core exercises:

  1. TRX® Atomic Push Ups
  2. TRX® Suspended Forearm Plank
  3. TRX® Suspended Side Plank


All these exercises help to engage the core and build strength and stability, which are key when mastering your golf swing.

When working on his lower body, his favorite TRX exercises are the TRX® Single Leg Squat, followed by speed skaters. These two exercises combined activate his glutes and quads, working on adding explosive power as well as stability into his swing.

Seb says, “Since I’m on the road a lot, the ease of hooking up the straps anywhere is great. I love that I can either get a solid workout in or just work on my flexibility and stability depending on how much time I have after travel days.”

With such a wide variety of TRX workouts, he can tailor them to be exactly what he needs for the day depending on how he’s feeling.

And, when he isn’t on the road and back in San Francisco, he gets his workouts in at the TRX Training Center.

Learn more about TRX® for Golf here:

Sebastian Crookall-Nixon was born and raised in Cumbria, England. Seb started playing the game of golf at the age of 7. He represented the England National team for 6 consecutive years, and Great Britain & Ireland vs. Continent of Europe in 2009. He attended the University of San Francisco on a golf scholarship in 2012, achieving WCC All-Conference Team Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016 while graduating with a B.A in Advertising in May of 2016. He turned professional in June, 2017 after a year of working in Downtown San Francisco, he returned home to England to play on the 1836 Tour with hopes of playing his way up onto the European and PGA Tour.” Follow him on social media @Sebcn

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