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Strong Women Run the World

Strong Women Run The World

We’ve always known it takes major strength to be a woman with all those hills we have to climb, extra hurdles we have to jump over. Training on a TRX® Suspension Trainer™ helps us build that strength—that ability to take it all on with grit and grace, that bring-it attitude coupled with compassion, our power that’s both loud-as-hell and quietly dignified that’s taken us all the way to the boardroom (and now, the Vice Presidency). This is our love letter to celebrate both the strong women in our lives, and the ones making moves out there in the world. 

Kamala Harris

Politics: Women Running the House

The White House, that is. Senator Kamala Harris broke some serious glass ceilings when she was elected as Vice President of the United States—making her the first Black, Indian and Caribbean American woman to serve in the country’s second-highest office. And she grew up with activism—her parents (both immigrants) met during the Civil Rights Movement

Jennifer Douda and Emmanuelle Charpentier

Science: Women Revolutionizing the Genome Game 

UC Berkeley Biochemist Jennifer A. Douda and French microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier are the first women in history to win a Nobel in the sciences together—they were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry "for the development of a method for genome editing,” they call CRISPr. In the 8 years since its creation, CRISPR has been a boon for biologists, who have published thousands of studies showing that the tool can alter DNA in organisms across the tree of life, including butterflies, mushrooms, tomatoes, and even humans.

Georgia Legg

Fitness: The Strong Women of TRX UK Live

We’re in total and complete awe of the ladies of our brand-new TRX UK Live—Georgia Legg, Rae Clark, and Steph Warwick. No one busts a move faster or stronger than them, but their biggest strength might be their magnetic energy—they inspire everyone to get moving. And, the guys will be the first to tell you it’s all about the leading ladies in their lives—mom. Many of our TRX master trainers have fitness trainers as moms who literally showed them how staying physically fit is key to building confidence and strength in all aspects of life.

Helena Gualinga

Activism: Young Women Making Moves

17-year-old climate change and Indigenous rights activist Helena Gualinga lives in a small community in the Ecuadorian Amazon currently under threat from wildfires caused by climate change. She advocates for environmental justice and speaks out against oil companies coming to Indigenous territories. She uses storytelling to show the physical and sentimental connection her community has to their land, and to express the magnitude of what they’re losing when leaders and corporations make decisions that harm the environment.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Compassion: Women Showing Vulnerability as a Strength

Morgan Harper Nichols is proof that strength comes in many forms and that we all “have more impact than you know.” Her poetry, words, and the stunning illustrations that accompany them empower strength with stillness and words—radicalizing vulnerability as an open dialogue for understanding, that it’s okay to not be okay. She uses her platform to show how we can practice radical empathy for all people, how to identify the uniqueness in our individual voices, and how to give ourselves grace in times of duress—to give ourselves permission to pause. 

Join us in celebrating the strength of women by sharing one in your life (or even yourself) with #TRXforStrength on Instagram. The more strong women we tag, the more we shout their power from the rooftops. 

Here’s to strong women, everywhere.

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