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Suspension Training and Sandbags: A Fireside Chat with Josh Henkin and Chris Frankel

Posted on Fri, 14 Jan 2011 12:00:00 -08:00

Suspension Training and Sandbags: A Fireside Chat with Josh Henkin and Chris Frankel

Suspension Training and Sandbags:  A Fireside Chat with Josh Henkin and Chris Frankel

Today's blog post contains an audio interview between the founder of Ultimate Sandbag, Josh Henkin and TRX Director of Human Performance Chris Frankel. Read on for a guest post from Josh and then listen to the interview as Josh explains how using the right tools and programs and learning from the right people makes all the difference between training harder and training smarter. 

What works? Ultimately, isn’t that what we are all concerned about? Trust me, if JUST barbells and dumbbells gave us all the training we needed, I would have dropped the Ultimate Sandbag program like a bad habit. Oh, trust me, that sounds like a empty promise, but the reality is that the GOOD things in fitness are solutions to training problems.

Just as our Ultimate Sandbag program addresses many of the shortcomings to fitness programs, so do some other valuable programs. About four years ago, I got really excited about a relatively new program known as TRX Suspension Training (heck, even made a video about it in 2007). I instantly saw amazing value in this type of training. It wasn’t the cool unique exercises but rather how the TRX program taught so many valuable principles about movement and stability. That is even why it is part of our L.I.F.T. certification to teach how to increase explosiveness and ability to press overhead.

Over the last year, I got to meet some of the amazing staff that makes up the TRX program, and one man in particular really got me to think, think hard about how we could be even better. Chris Frankel, the TRX Professor, came to our New York L.I.F.T. program, and the brainstorming of training was awesome. Chris got me thinking about so many different things; I knew this was the guy I needed to learn more from! When Chris agreed to do an interview with us, I couldn’t pass it up.

Today, you get some awesome information from one of the most sought out program directors in the industry. Want to see how TRX Suspension Training can take your training to another level? You have to check out this interview. Oh no worries, this isn’t a soft kiss-your-butt type of interview. I ask Chris some hard hitting questions. Listen to hear what he answers!! Trust me, TRX is far more than some cool push-up variations.

Click here to listen to the interview between Josh Henkin and Chris Frankel and pick up your TRX Suspension Trainer today if you haven't already.

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Strength coach Josh Henkin ( is the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and L.I.F.T. training certification. He has lectured at national and international conferences about the use of sandbag training in both corrective and performance fitness programs.

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