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Sweat, Core, and Determination

Posted on Oct 12, 2017 2:21 PM
From Personal Fitness Coach to Wellness Entrepreneur

Sweat, Core, and Determination

Sweat Power Yoga owner Krystal Say is a wellness entrepreneur, a holistic health coach, a TRX Senior Instructor, and a power Vinyasa guru. She’s also proof that persistence and passion make for a winning combination. The path to becoming a successful fitness business owner may not have always been clear or easy, but Say wouldn’t take back a thing.

Say started her career as a personal fitness coach and group exercise instructor at a health club in western Massachusetts—a job she supplemented with work as a sales rep for the company. “Sales is definitely not a passion of mine, and I found it draining: mentally and physically,” she says. “However, looking back, it played a crucial role motivating me to build my clientele via personal fitness coaching, group coaching, and group exercises classes.” Say went on to develop the first scalable small group-coaching program for that fitness chain, and implemented her program in clubs along the east coast. While she was at that gym, she also discovered TRX.

“I found a TRX® Suspension Trainer™ in the back room, new in box, collecting dust,” she recalls. Say took home the DVD and booklet that came in the box and started learning. The following day, she installed the Suspension Trainer on the pull-up bar at the gym. Two days later, she discovered that TRX wasn’t lying about it’s all-core-all-the-time claims. “I called out of work because I thought I was coming down with the flu,” Say remembers. It wasn’t the flu; just the extreme core soreness that TRX neophytes know all too well.

In 2010, after five years at the health club, Say ventured out on her own, launching a fitness program called Bia Fitness. She rented a dance studio from 5 am – 2 pm daily, running small group fitness programs and one-on-one coaching. During the summer, she added eight-week outdoor adventure bootcamps at a local park. One year after opening Bia, Say became an educational instructor for TRX. She is now a TRX Senior Instructor. 

In 2014, Say discovered Baptiste Power Yoga, a practice that would lead her to her current business, Sweat Power Yoga. After completing her 200-hour registered yoga teacher training, she met her current business partner and fellow Baptiste yogini, Shannon Rolston. In 2016, Say and Rolston opened SWEAT— an affiliate Baptiste Yoga studio and the only studio to offer TRX Yoga Flow and TRX Fit Flow. “It is the malleability of the TRX philosophy that gave me the opportunity to create TRX Yoga flow, a power Vinyasa yoga practice that leverages the TRX Ssuspension Ttrainer to build true resilience,” Say says.

After more than a decade in the fitness industry, Say’s advice to other trainers is to look past trends and focus on what works. “Fads come and go; you’re hot and then not. I aligned myself with two philosophies that are anything but fads. TRX is a philosophy in the functional fitness world that aims to make every body move better. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga is a potent physical yoga, meditation, and active self inquiry practice designed to empower you to reclaim full potential.”

In chasing her passion and staying true to herself, Krystal Say has not only built a stable career in the fitness industry, she’s found happiness through the process. “It is the experience of truly connecting with people, seeing the greatest potential deep down inside of them, and being there when they get out of their own way and recognize the bad ass they really are. With every experience, the support is returned to me, allowing [me] to get a little more out of my own way and to show up and shine.”


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