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Swim Coach Gerry Rodrigues on TRX Training

Posted on Mon, 23 May 2011 11:00:00 -07:00

Swim Coach Gerry Rodrigues on TRX Training


Hailing from the Caribbean isle of Trinidad, Gerry Rodrigues (or “Mambo Gerry”, as some might call him) is considered by many to be among the premiere swim coaches in the world. It has been said that nobody cares more about the sport and the swimmers than Gerry does. Thanks to his knowledge of technique, race strategy and effective training, he has helped send Olympians to the podium, launched successful swim publications, and now owns a thriving Los Angeles training facility called Tower 26.

We caught a moment by the pool with Gerry at the Purplepatch Triathlon Training Camp in Tuscan, Arizona in March where he spoke to us about the pillars of performance for swimming, the benefits of having swimmers training on the TRX and the importance of education and nutrition. Here’s the video (see above):

For you triathletes, swimmers and coaches, we also have a land-based TRX workout prepared by Purplepatch owner and elite triathlete coach Matt Dixon designed specifically to supplement swim training. Below you'll find a a simple, efficient series of moves designed to assist muscle recruitment, build trunk strength and stability, and improve the ballistic power of open water swimmers. Of course, nothing takes the place of time in the water, so consider this as a functional strength supplement to a complete, progressive swim program.

1.  TRX Plank into TRX Crunches (and TRX Oblique Crunches)
2.  TRX Rear Rows
3.  TRX Hips Presses into TRX Hamstring Curls
4.  TRX Power Pulls
5.  TRX Atomic Push-ups
6.  TRX Chest Press into TRX Chest Flies

Another smart addition to this land-based TRX program is specific swim cord work to help engage key swimming muscles in ballistic movements, thus enhancing specific muscular endurance.

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