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Why Elite Athlete Kari Pearce Loves Training for the Crossfit Games

For her 13th and final event at the 2017 Crossfit Games, Kari Pearce completed three handstand push-ups and five kettlebell deadlifts, followed by five handstand push-ups and eight kettlebell deadlifts, then another eight handstand push-ups and 13 kettlebell deadlifts. Then she picked up two 35-lb. kettlebells and lunged with them overhead to the finish line. That was after four days of grueling competition: lifting, climbing, running, swimming, and cycling. Of course she was tired. Of course she was in pain. Still, she powered through to finish fifth in the event.

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Kari Pearce: Crossfit’s American Phenom Shares Her Made2Move Inspiration

Kari Pearce shot to the top of the global CrossFit rankings when she started the sport in 2014, but fitness and movement have been part of her life since she was a child. She started gymnastics at age 3, and continued competing through college. After gymnastics, Kari switched to bodybuilding, and ultimately found her passion in CrossFit. For Pearce, training six days a week for competition isn’t only a matter of chasing her CrossFit podium dreams; it’s about recognizing that her body was Made2Move.

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