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Whether you’re shooting, defending or on goal, improving your flexibility will enable you to add power and speed to your lacrosse game. Becoming more flexible will also greatly reduce your likelihood of injury. Here are two drills from LAX pro Paul Rabil to help you improve your lacrosse-specific flexibility. Read >

Dominating on the lacrosse field requires more than just being able to shoot and defend. You need to make sure your body can perform, day-in, day-out, in games and in practice. Read >

In lacrosse, you need to hone your defense just as much as your offense, and here to help you do it is lacrosse star and New York Lizard midfielder Paul Rabil. In this video you’ll see two different drills, one with just a lacrosse stick and one with the Rip Trainer. Read >

Lacrosse pro and New York Lizard’s midfielder, Paul Rabil, does so much more than masterfully impose his will on the field with the unyielding grace of his powerful wand. Rabil is a media visionary, a businessman bent on success, a sports fashionista, and, most relevant to this blog, he is a fascinating interview subject. Read >

Producing a dynamic, explosive shot requires core strength, balance and rotational power. The “time and room” drill enables you to practice generating momentum through your entire body, from the ground up, to get the most out of your shot. Read >

This story was written by TRX Director of Rip Training Pete Holman and was originally published on STACK.com on April 3, 2014.   Historically, lacrosse players have not been considered gym rats compared to other athletes Read >

The ultimate lacrosse training tool, TRX Lacrosse delivers a 30-minute, real-time Rip Training workout with three levels of progression for all fitness levels. Featuring LAX-star and 2012 NCAA Player of the Year Peter Baum, this workout Read >

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