Take Advantage of a Single Anchor Point for Controlled Instability, TRX Training Tip
Posted on Feb 12, 2012 10:00:00 PM

The TRX Suspension Trainer’s proprietary single anchor point design and equalizing loop provide a unique means to train mobility and stability simultaneously. The TRX Clock Press may look like a chest fly/press hybrid, but it’s a tremendous core challenge and one of numerous Suspension Training exercises that can be used to integrate controlled instability into your training for big results.

When you perform the TRX Clock Press you extend one arm away from your body while completing a classic chest press movement with your other arm. Throughout the movement, your core should remain braced, like you’re about to take punch in the stomach.

At the bottom of the movement (the mid-point), it is extremely challenging to maintain equal pressure on both handles to prevent the straps from slipping. On your first few attempts, the straps will likely slip slightly. This slip provides proprioceptive feedback that should remind you to engage your core at all times—the more stable your core, the more mobile you will be at your extremities, in this case the arm performing a fly movement.

The TRX’s single anchor point design and equalizing loop allow you to challenge your stable core, safely, without fear of losing control and injuring yourself if you don’t perform the movement correctly out of the gate. In the process of mastering the movement, you’ll experience a challenge that delivers a 3-D training effect you’ll feel throughout your entire body, not just your chest. Getting a bigger training effect in less time is part of the simple beauty of TRX Training—you train your whole body as an interconnected series of kinetic chains, just as it moves in sport and life.

If you want more time efficient workouts check out Workouts + Exercises. Apply the concept of controlled instability to your next TRX workout.

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