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The Best TRX Exercises for Every Season

Posted on Thu, 02 Feb 2017 10:55:00 -08:00

The Best TRX Exercises for Every Season

The Best TRX Exercises for Every Season

Much like you cycle through seasonal clothes, your favorite TRX exercises can also follow the calendar. To better sync up your workouts with your wardrobe, here are some of the suspension training moves you should add to each season’s workout plan.


It’s still too chilly outside to ditch your sleeves, but you’ll compromise with dresses and skirts. Now’s the time to double up on your butt and legs exercises.

Start your workout with a one-minute set of standard squats to target your glutes and hamstrings, followed by one minute of TRX jump squats to engage your calves. To protect your joint, make sure you lift off from and land on your toes for those jump squats. Follow those squat sets with one minute of sprinter starts on each leg to work your calves and glutes. If you want to add calves back a second time, execute the sprinter starts on your toes. Finish the set with front squats, adding a hop forward from the lowest point of your squat into a fully extended stand, and a hop back from your fully extended stand into the squat.


It’s beach season; time to fire up your core! Start out with a series of five, 40-second TRX planks with ten-second breaks in between. Next, target your obliques with TRX oblique crunches, isolating each side for one minute. Follow your crunches with five, 40-second series of TRX pikes. Finish the set with TRX six, 40-second sets of TRX side planks, threading your top hand under your lower hip each time to stimulate the obliques. Still not feeling the burn? Repeat that combo a second time. When you add additional ab work, keep in mind that oblique exercises are most effective for developing that six-pack definition.


In the waning days of warmth and sunshine, no one would blame you for your reluctance to become reacquainted with sleeves. Find a happy medium for the season with cozy sleeveless sweaters and plenty of bicep and tricep work. Alternate TRX bicep curls and tricep dips in one minute sets for six minutes. For extra credit, throw in tricep push-ups while you hold your TRX planks. As far as muscles are concerned, biceps and triceps aren’t especially helpful, but as far as Instagram is concerned, they’re proof that your workouts work.


It’s time to pull on a coat to avoid the chill, but somehow (1) you still spend the chilliest of the year wearing cocktail dresses, and (2) every dress you own for the season exposes your shoulders. Make the most of those shoulder-baring numbers by beefing up your shoulder routine. For best results, add high rows, a TRX fly series, and I-Y-T reps into your workout. The good news? Shoulders show definition faster than any other part of your body, so your TRX exercises will pay off quickly.

Regardless of whether you adapt your workout routine specifically for your wardrobe, don’t forget to plan your TRX exercises to target endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. Clothing trends may come and go, but a well-balanced body is always in style.

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