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The Fitness Industry Is Buzzing About the TRX Rocker

TRX Rocker

The Fitness Industry Is Buzzing About the TRX Rocker

It’s rare for a new fitness tool to truly make a splash in the market. TRX transformed the fitness industry when founder Randy Hetrick launched the TRX Suspension Trainer in 2004, and it seems that lightning can, in fact, strike twice. Since its rollout in November 2019, the TRX Rocker has changed how the industry thinks about myofascial release. Traditional foam rolling is out; rocking is in.

What makes the TRX Rocker different from a foam roller? It starts with the teardrop design, which makes for a more intuitive approach to myofascial release. Where a standard foam roller will roll away if you don’t hold it in place, the Rocker is designed to rock back and forth. It’s not just a matter of convenience: it limits the tool’s range of motion to enable hyper-focused muscle release. 


Another standout feature? The TRX Rocker has three contact points: a low intensity, lightly-grooved side for a more gentle massage; a medium intensity, more deeply-grooved side for deeper release; and the apex of the two sides for high-intensity target areas. That three-in-one approach is one of the reasons the TRX Rocker landed on the Men’s Journal list of must-buy home gym equipment

And Men’s Journal isn’t the only publication taking note of the TRX Rocker. Gear Patrol raves about the new tool, writing, “With its spiky, medieval-looking edges, the TRX Rocker appears borderline sadistic. Then we tried it out—and realized that’s exactly what makes it work so well.”

Gear Patrol was particularly impressed by the high-intensity edge on the TRX Rocker, explaining, “Rock into such hard-to-target areas as the hamstrings, quads and calves with that section, and it’s like turning a Swedish massage into a deep-tissue session… Our calves feel positively glorious right now.”


In short, the TRX Rocker is a game-changer, which is exactly what it was designed to be. “True innovations not only do something better than existing products but also solve a real problem in the marketplace. The TRX Rocker accomplishes both,” said Hetrick. “Not only is the TRX Rocker more effective for self-massage and myofascial release, but it also simplifies the experience for the customer. In the past, you had to buy a whole torture chamber of different tools in order to treat the various muscle groups throughout the body. The TRX Rocker not only works better for the full range of Self-Applied Tissue Therapy (SATT) techniques but also simplifies the user's experience by combining many tools into one.”

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