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The Power of Applying Movement + Behavioral Science in our Coaching

Posted on Jan 21, 2019
Personal Trainer

The Power of Applying Movement + Behavioral Science in our Coaching

“Training is not just physical, it’s about how you connect physically, emotionally and spiritually.” says Brandon Wagner, TRX Senior Master Instructor.

Being a Fitness Professional is so much more than getting people in-shape. At the end of the day, we’re all in the business of positively impacting the lives of each and every client that walks through the door. While this may seem a daunting task - that no doubt requires a healthy amount of hard work and elbow grease -  it’s hugely rewarding (and the reason that most of us got into coaching in the first place). Moreover, it’s important to keep in mind that to be a sought after coach, one must always integrate some blend of emotional intelligence and professional know-how (best obtained through top-notch education).

The first, and perhaps most obvious fact, is that being a great coach has little to do with the equipment you use. While all of the hard tools we have available to us are amazing and handy, they are secondary to achieving the primary goals at hand, which include: 1) getting clients moving better in their daily lives; and 2) getting them to  understand the importance of a mind-body connection. In other words, we should all be striving to get our clients to a place emotionally that sets them up for success inside and outside of the gym.

Enter TRX Education + PTA Global, two different training philosophies that happen to compliment each other in such a way that will provide a coach with the tools they need to be successful.

These two systems are grounded in a systematic approach - both in the physical sense and the behavioral -  which will help every coach build confidence and capability.

TRX .. A Movement-based Philosophy


TRX is a movement-based training philosophy that revolves around Foundational Movements (Plank, Push, Pull, Rotate, Hinge, Lunge and Squat). In the TRX Suspension Training Course, we teach fitness professional the standards of each of these movements on and off the TRX Suspension Trainer. Ultimately, the goal is to replicate these standards regardless of the equipment in hand (or as we at TRX call it, Setting the Standard  and then Changing the Condition). This seemingly simply philosophy is hugely valuable. Not only does it give you a solid base (ie movement), but it allows you to go into any environment (one-on-one or group) using any training tool, and be able to coach efficiently and effectively. TRX Senior Master Instructor, Susane Pata states, “For coaches and trainers, we are able to use TRX to bring our clients to new heights they never thought were possible.” And that is obtained through teaching someone about the fundamentals of movement. “It’s the most scalable tool on the market” adds Pata.

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PTA Global ... An Emotional Connection


PTA Global exists to develop world class leaders. They strive to equip trainers to have a “Best in Class” understanding of the human being, how to motivate people, and how to adapt to a style of training that will fit each unique personality.  PTA Global education is the first in the industry to be done in collaboration with 26 of the world's most influential and progressive Health and Fitness educators. Their education is specifically designed to prepare you for a career as a Fitness Professional by empowering you with the necessary skills to be successful immediately. PTA Global focuses on “Training the Human Being not just the Human Body”, and is passionately centered around helping personal trainers develop an understanding of behavioral science  and addressing mental and emotional aspects of people. As fitness professionals in a service driven industry, they understand how vitally important it is for a client/member to be heard and accommodated rather than poked and prodded.

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Together, both TRX and PTA Global understand the importance of leadership in a coach-to-client relationship. The old saying, “More is caught than just taught” applies not only to leadership but to education as well.  We know how critical it is for our coaches to learn, retain, and then teach what they have learned in a way that is easy to understand for their clients, as well as members of their training team. Multisensory Learning is a term commonly used in PTA Global workshops.  This means delivering education by tapping into the visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and kinesthetic (hands-on) learning styles so that students can easily retain the information.  It is equally important to us that the course proves to be as fun, enjoyable, and relational as it is educational! Utilization of the two programs combined (TRX/PTA Global) creates a near perfect workout experience for both the trainer and the client. So the question is, are you ready to take your career as a fitness professional to a new height?


Lucky for you, TRX and PTA Global have partnered together to bring you the best tools in education in this limited time only two-day course that will change the way to train and help you launch your fitness career to the next level.


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Registration closes February 23rd, 2019

This piece was written by Israel Allen: Director of Education, PTA Global. Israel has been in the industry for the last 15 years where he has gained experience operating in various roles. He started as a Personal Trainer with a large corporate chain and moved into roles as Fitness Manager, General Manager, Regional Manager of PT, and Regional Director of Fitness overseeing as many as 160 locations.

Israel holds a B.S. in Exercise Science, a Master’s degree in Human Movement Science, and numerous certifications throughout the industry. He resides in Dallas with his wife Michelle and two children.

Special thank you to contributors:

Brandon Wagner: TRX Senior Master Instructor, Educator, Presenter, and Precision-Movement Extraordinaire (TRX, PTA Global, TriggerPoint, ActivMotion)

Susane Pata: TRX Senior Master Instructor, Presenter and Author (TRX, PTA Global, TriggerPoint, Life Fitness)

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