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The Preparation - Brian Stann

Posted on Thu, 20 Sep 2012 05:49:00 -07:00

The Preparation - Brian Stann


UFC middleweight “All American” Brian Stann steps back into the Octagon at UFC 152 for the first time since a shoulder injury knocked him out of his first shot at a headlining fight. Now, with the help of TRX Training Head of Human Performance, Chris Frankel, Stann has used TRX Suspension Training to expedite his recovery and is ready to hammer it out with Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping Saturday night at 7 p.m. PT on PPV.

Stann and Frankel have worked together previously. This time, part of Frankel’s focus became using the infinitely scaleable nature of the TRX Suspension Trainer to help Stann come back from his injury as quickly as possible. “Implementing more of range of motion and mobility exercises has really helped me become a better fighter,” says Stann.

Stann used the same TRX Training tools that he used to help recover from his injury to burnish his strength and conditioning in the final stages of his training camp. His recovery process and work with Frankel taught him more about his body and how to approach training in general, too. “I’m looking at my career on the aggregate rather than just a fight by fight basis. Before, I would overtrain badly.”

The experience Stann had with Frankel and TRX Training in his preparation for UFC 152 underscores the versatility of TRX Training tools for athletes all along the fitness continuum. In this video, Stann talks about his preparation for Saturday’s fight and how he’s been focusing on becoming an overall better athlete. “I have enough power that I can stop this fight at any moment,” said Stann.

If you missed it, check out Part I “The Recovery” and to get fight-ready like Stann, purchase the TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical here.

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