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The Recovery - UFC fighter Brian Stann

Posted on Wed, 12 Sep 2012 10:22:00 -07:00

The Recovery - UFC fighter Brian Stann


When UFC fighter the “All American” Brian Stann injured his shoulder while sparring with a heavyweight, he had to withdraw from his first opportunity to headline a UFC fight. To get him back in the Octagon as fast as possible, Stann turned to TRX Training and sought the assistance of TRX Director of Human Performance Chris Frankel.

In this video, Stann talks about how TRX Training allowed him to stay in fighting shape and gain mobility, while waiting for his injury to heal. “It wasn’t going to be a situation where I’m back from injury, now I need to spend six weeks just getting into shape before I go back into a training camp. I came back from the injury and I was ready to go right into a training camp,” said Stann.

Stay tuned for Part II “The Preparation”, and for a taste of what it takes for Stann to prepare for a fight, download the TRX Performance: MMA Workout here.

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