The Top Five Bodyweight Exercises to Stay Fit and Burn Fat

Posted on Mon, 08 Dec 2014 05:11:00 -08:00
The Top Five Bodyweight Exercises to Stay Fit and Burn Fat
Got a paper due in a couple hours?  Full day of meetings?  Got to run and pick up the kids after a long day at work?  At TRX, we understand you’re on the go.  That’s why we invented the TRX Suspension Trainer: it’s a tool that provides you with the ability to perform a bodyweight exercises anywhere, anytime.
Part of being a guy or gal on the go is that you need results as quickly as possible.  While there’s no substitute for a full-hour workout, follow these five explosive kickstart moves to get the most fitness-per-minute out of any routine anywhere:
This is hands-down everybody’s favorite love-to-hate exercise.  This atom-bomb of a heart-pumping, total-body blast weaves together a plank, a push up and a high-energy jump-squat to deliver one of the most efficient bodyweight exercises in the history of training.  
Challenge Alert: if you want to shed calories quickly, shoot for 100 burpees and see how many you actually accomplish.  Even if you don’t hit 100, it’s a great way to flip your thinking and push yourself further.  You’ll also learn what the upper-end of your muscular endurance actually is.
Think you’re gutsy enough to take your burpees up a notch?  Try placing one foot in the foot cradles of a TRX Suspension Trainer when you perform you next set and see how a TRX Suspended Burpee transforms your core into a solid sheet of steel.
One of the most universal and fundamental human movements, the squat delivers huge results for your entire lower body. Squats require nothing more than your own bodyweight and a healthy dose of motivation.  This makes them perfect for when you have limited time, resources, and space.
You can also modify and adapt your squats to match whatever kind of workout you’re doing. Play with the tempo, try adding a jump, or maybe test your boundaries and shoot for a super-tough single-leg pistol squat.  By adding a TRX Suspension Trainer to your squats, you can squeak out even more strength by stabilizing the upper-body so you can focus on form and lower-body muscular endurance.  For those of us that don’t quite have the strength to withstand even five (5) full-body squats, using the TRX Suspension Trainer will give you the ability to unload some of your bodyweight so you can begin to create progressions and gradually increase the load that you’re training your body to endure.
Most of us dread hearing these two simple words when spoken together: “pull” and “up.”  Why?  You already know why!  Pull-Ups are super tough!  Most folks out there are lucky if they can do one, let alone bust out with five, ten, or even fifteen.  The Pull-Up best replicates the motion of climbing trees, for example.  I know, it’s probably been some years since you climbed a tree at the park.  Regardless, this kind of pulling is a foundational movement that everyone should be able to perform.  It’s a movement that is hard-wired in our DNA.  
There may not be a better upper-body bodyweight exercise than the pull up. This exercise develops strength and definition in the arms, shoulders, back, and core like nobody’s business.
However, finding a place to do pull ups can be challenging, and if you don’t already have the upper-body strength, it can be quite difficult to work your way up to it.
Our founder, Randy Hetrick, created the TRX Suspension Trainer to solve this exact problem: the tool sets up anywhere at anytime and provides you multiple ways to scale your Pull-Ups to make them easier, and yes, even harder.
Anybody can do a Push-Up, right?  Think again!  Performing this deceptively-simple bodyweight exercise with proper form over an increasing number of repetitions is no easy task.  Despite the difficulty, the Push-Up is another foundational movement (pushing) that everyone should be able to perform.  It not only builds strength and definition in the shoulders, chest, and triceps, but when completed properly with your attention focused on form, it’s also a tremendous core challenge.
Challenge Alert: If you want to mix up your Push-Ups, the TRX Suspension Trainer can add enough variations on this exercise to keep you practicing for a very long time.  My personal favorite challenge: the TRX Single-Leg Push-Up.
Hands down, the Plank is the most basic and under-appreciated bodyweight exercise in our library. This simple, yet challenging, move engages every muscle in your body.  At TRX, we consider the Plank to be the foundation for all of your functional-strength training.  In fact, every exercise performed on the TRX Suspension Trainer starts with being able to hold a strong plank.  
If you’ve ever taken a class at the TRX Training Center in San Francisco, you no doubt  have repeatedly heard from one our top coaches, “Chase Your Plank!”  It’s a simple way to remind you that when you’re training, no matter if you are lunging, squatting, pulling, or pushing, your spine should be straight and your core solidly engaged.
Challenge Alert: Take your “plywood” planks and turn them into steel by placing your feet in the foot cradles and performing your planks with your feet suspended in the Suspension Trainer.
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