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This Tool Is the Secret Weapon For Improving Your Golf Swing

Posted on Mar 28, 2019 1:00:00 PM
TRX for Golf

This Tool Is the Secret Weapon For Improving Your Golf Swing

The key to swinging a golf club, tennis racquet, baseball bat, or lacrosse stick is rotational power, but—for years—athletes didn’t have a rotation-specific tool to incorporate into their workouts. Then came the TRX RIP Trainer. The tool transformed the way these athletes train, and became a favorite among pros.

Chris Frankel, TRX Head of Human Performance and a former PGA Tour trainer, says the RIP Trainer was designed to supplement the foundational strength athletes develop with the TRX Suspension Trainer and other strength-training equipment. “We realized that the Suspension Trainer was this great way to give you functional strength and really focus on the core. The RIP Trainer added in what we called rotational power.”


The design is simple: it includes a bar that’s attached on one side to an anchor point via an elasticized cord. That single anchor connection constantly challenges users to resist the tension of the cord asymmetrically, similar to how golfers must manage their bodies on the golf course. Athletes previously could achieve that type of movement using a weight machine in the gym, but the RIP Trainer revolutionized this form of training because it’s portable and can be used anywhere.

Golf coaches and fitness professionals love that the RIP Trainer emphasizes every degree in the range of motion to help users determine their strengths and weaknesses in rotational movement. It’s practically impossible to mask flaws when working with it, so athletes and coaches can better identify and target areas for improvement. (Golfers like Charles Howell and Tim Burke have both used the RIP Trainer in their workouts.) Athletes in rotational sports—baseball, hockey, tennis, and especially golf—see the RIP Trainer as the perfect complement to their foundational strength training program because it mimics a movement like a golf swing in terms of weight shift in the feet, rotation in the hips and shoulders, and generating power.


The tool is a no-brainer for golfers, who benefit from a better range of motion—particularly through the upper T-spin, shoulders, hips, and ankles. “At the end of the day, the trick is how can golfers maximize their club head speed at the point of impact,” Frankel explains. “The more range of motion you have is helpful. The more strength and power you can develop through that range of motion becomes helpful.” Between increasing the range of motion and helping athletes develop greater control over that range, the RIP Trainer can improve athletic performance.

For pros and amateurs alike, the RIP Trainer is an accessible, intuitive tool to step up your golf game. “If you put together ground reaction force, rotational power, and awareness of where your body is in three dimensional space, those are three huge components of golf in general. So just spending a little bit of time tuning those things up has great transfer over to your game,” Frankel said. If you’re looking for ways to fine-tune your golf swing, the RIP Trainer could be your secret weapon.

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