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To All The Strong Dads, We Salute You

Posted on Mon, 05 Jun 2017 10:19:00 -07:00

To All The Strong Dads, We Salute You

To All The Strong Dads, We Salute You

I think the most important thing to realize about being a Father is that we are not perfect. We make mistakes, and sometimes our emotions and situations get the better of us. If we can humble ourselves and control our ego, we can learn from our mistakes to become a better person, and in turn, a better Father.

The key is to constantly evolve, and what better teachers to have than our very own children.

They will reflect what kind of morals and values you have placed upon them. The way they treat others, treat themselves, and the way they react and cope with situations are all learned from how we interact with them, how they interact with their Mother, and with our friends. We need look no further than ourselves if we are concerned about how our children are developing as human beings.

I didn't really know my Father, as my parents divorced when I was five years old. He was never around and we lived in different states. I can count on one hand the times I saw him before he passed away when I was 8 years old. I was very, very fortunate to have a “big brother” growing up, who looking back over the years was also a Father figure to me in many ways. His name is Matt, and he’s five years older than I am (I’m 42 and he’s 47). We became friends while he was working for my Mom’s Deli in Florida.

Since my Father was never around, I didn't have a male role model to help guide me. I wouldn’t say I was lost, but there is a difference between a male and female figure in one’s life. Matt was always there to answer questions I was not comfortable talking to my mom about. He never judged me, and always explained things to me in a way that let me understand the foundation/basics, yet allowed me the freedom to learn and develop my own thoughts and ideas.

I saw and experienced how he was with others and how he was well liked by everyone that met him. Matt would talk to me about “difficult” things that may have been hard for most, especially my mom. We’d talk about sex/puberty, drugs, bullying, how to treat others, basically things that a Father would want and should talk to his kids about. He eventually went off to College and for a while we lost touch, but I never lost the lessons he taught and the influence he had on me. His impact on me as a child definitely helped me as a teen and as a young adult when I was on my own.

Today, Matt is a Father to two amazing daughters. His youngest daughter has serious medical issues that have been ongoing from a very young age (autism and epilepsy). I cannot begin to fathom the emotional, physical, and mental stress that this puts on him, his wife, and his oldest daughter. From being a full-time stay at home dad, to a stay at home dad / part-time personal trainer running his own boot camp company, to now being a full-time elementary school teacher on top of his part-time boot camp business. All the while being a husband and father of two. He endures and there’s no quit in him, he’s an avid runner, and he runs for his daughter. He runs to support and bring awareness for Autism and Epilepsy and recently raised over $15,000 for Epilepsy awareness. When I see everything that he is going through and how he handles it with relentless poise, focus, and determination, I am not one bit surprised. I knew he was a great man when I was young, and I knew he would become a great husband and father when the time came. He was, is and will continue to be an inspiration not only to me, but to everyone who is fortunate enough to cross paths with him.

- Arthur Hsu

Arthur has lived in Las Vegas for the past 17 years. He trains clients in his private home gym and in fitness clubs and studios throughout the valley. Arthur also mentors and educates personal trainers who are seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities. He is a certified personal trainer and completed the prestigious Fellowship of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute. Certifications he has earned include Applied Functional Science (CAFS) and 3D Movement Analysis & Performance Systems (3DMAPS) from the Gray Institute. He is a TRX Master Course Instructor and has been part of the TRX family for 10 years. When Arthur is not training or teaching, you can always find him on the mats practicing Jiu-Jitsu.

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