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Train with Natalie Coughlin Sweepstakes

Posted on Wed, 14 Nov 2012 01:46:00 -08:00

Train with Natalie Coughlin Sweepstakes


This summer, TRX gave one lucky winner a rare opportunity to train like a Champion. Randomly selected from more than 3,000 entries, Renea Cribbs of North Richland Hills, Texas received the phone call announcing that her named had been drawn as the TRX “Train with Natalie” sweepstakes winner.

Her prize? A training session with World Champion swimmer and TRX enthusiast Natalie Coughlin, who recently brought home her 12th Olympic Medal from London. The premier swimmer now stands in a tie for the most decorated summer Olympic female athlete in U.S. history. “I was going to watch the Olympics anyway, but then it was like I had a personal connection,” said Cribbs, who found out she won the TRX sweepstakes shortly before the summer games opened.

Cribbs’ son Chad, a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and TRX Trainer from Alabama, first introduced her to TRX Training and encouraged her to enter the “Train with Natalie” sweepstakes. “I had the misconception that the only workouts left in the world for me were walking on the treadmill or chasing my grandbabies around when they came to visit,” said Cribbs, 57. “Then, my son proved to me that there were alternatives to the crowded weight room.”

TRX flew both Renea and Chad to the Bay Area and on Oct. 9, they met up with Coughlin ready to work at the 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport in Pleasanton, CA. The training day with Coughlin included a two-part workout that featured both a land and water training session. First, Coughlin led the pair through a typical TRX workout that she would use to mix up her training, and then they jumped in the pool for a swimming workout, which focused on technique and the four major strokes. “The workout was really hard, but good,” said Cribbs. “I need to be challenged. I found it exhilarating after a while.”

Since discovering the benefits of TRX Suspension Training, Cribbs said she makes it to the gym five days a week, dedicating 30-45 minutes of her workout to TRX Training. She gets a total-body workout from the Suspension Trainer, performing an extensive list of exercises that range from TRX Push-ups to TRX Single Leg Squats. “I have to admit that in the past, I would begrudgingly trudge to the gym and complete a bored mile or two on the treadmill and then head home. TRX however, has changed my attitude towards my workouts. My joints hurt less, my flexibility and strength have improved and I actually have a few muscles showing. I actually look forward to my gym time,” she said.

Coughlin ran Cribbs through a TRX strength and conditioning program that included moves like the TRX Chest Press, Swimmers Pull, Triceps Press and Biceps Curl. “I think they’re going to be sore tomorrow, but that’s a good thing,” said Coughlin post workout. “I like being sore. It means you worked hard and you’ve got to earn your dinner. They were champs.”

When the hard part ended, Renea and Chad took photos with Coughlin, who plans to compete in 2013. They even had the chance to hold Coughlin’s medals from the last three Olympics.

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