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Training with Purpose: How Drew Brees Continues to Impress

Posted on Wed, 01 Feb 2012 10:00:00 -08:00

Training with Purpose: How Drew Brees Continues to Impress

Training with Purpose: How Drew Brees Continues to Impress

The biggest day in football is just around the corner. As the Patriots and Giants prepare to do battle in Indianapolis, football fans worldwide will take time to reflect on season highs and lows, especially the fate of their favorite teams and players.

As far as seasons go, Drew Brees had a banner year. In 2011, the New Orleans Saints QB set NFL single-season records with 468 completions, 5,476 yards passing and a completion percentage of 71.2 in a stunning display of aerial prowess and great follow up to his championship 2009 season. These accomplishments are made all the more impressive when you know a little bit about Brees, most notably the fact that he came back from what was nearly a career-ending shoulder injury in 2005.

How does Drew stay motivated to continue pushing himself physically and mentally each season? “When setting training goals, I always say: ‘Have a purpose,’” says Drew. “If it's, ‘I just want to lose 10 pounds,’ then that's your purpose. How can you do that? Make a plan. Work out 30 minutes a day and then think about short-term goals and how to meet them. Map it out. You can't lose all 10 this week, but maybe you can lose two this week and two the next. So map it out and feel good about your short-term goals.”

Drew also feels there is a difference between exercise and training. “You can't just exercise and hope to see results, you have to train with a purpose,” says Drew. “Have a goal in mind every time you start to train.”

When setting his fitness goals for the year, Drew knows there’s no substitute for the real deal. “All of us set training goals, to lose weight and tone up and get stronger, etc,” says Drew. “The TRX helps me do that.”

Drew isn’t the only NFL pro who uses TRX Training to maintain durability and reach peak performance. A staggering 26 of 32 NFL teams use TRX for strength and conditioning, including 2011 playoff teams like the Giants, Patriots, Niners, Saints, Packers and Steelers.

Of all the major sports, football demands some of the most intense strength and conditioning training. Accordingly, the pros who battle on the gridiron are among the best conditioned athletes on the planet—strong, agile, powerful gladiators who must prepare their bodies to explode and cut in the quest for peak performance. But at the same time, football players must maintain the durability to withstand car-wreck force impacts play after play, game after game, season after season. With the TRX Suspension Trainer and TRX Rip Trainer, you can train for all of the above… and more. TRX Training is the best way to ensure players are at their very best when they step onto the field.

Are you ready for game day? Before you hunker down on the sofa this Sunday, take the TRX Game Day Challenge (see video above) featuring Drew and his trainer Todd Durkin and share your results with the TRX Community below.

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