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Trick Yourself Into Staying Fit

Posted on Thu, 14 Jan 2010 06:02:00 -08:00

Trick Yourself Into Staying Fit

Trick Yourself Into Staying Fit

Does your training ever leave you feeling like you're participating in a science experiment with a sample size of N=1? There are training routines to plan and track, data points to be harvested and analyzed, and a constant quest for innovation to reach your personal limits. Sometimes these factors make training exciting. And sometimes they make training seem incredibly boring and like a chore.

When you find yourself fishing for the snooze button on your alarm instead of springing out of bed to assault the day and the training you have so carefully carved out time to execute, you could keep doing the same old thing. But the same old thing is why you're lying in bed listening to your alarm squawking and cringing instead of rushing full force into an awesome day that you can't wait to start and a training session that will invigorate you and help advance every area of your life.

Don't let your training routine be something you dread. When it is, turn it into a game and trick yourself into staying fit even when you'd normally want to bail. There are many ways to achieve this goal, but here are a few of the quickest, easiest ways to keep it fresh and playful:

  1. Unless you're a professional athlete, remember that this isn't your job. It's something you do electively because you enjoy it. Keep that thought in the front of your mind and visualize the moments you've most enjoyed in training, the times you've overcome your inertia or personal limits and gone to a higher level. That's fun. That's the attitude you want to have every day. Cultivate it, visualize it, experience what it feels like and carry it with you so it's accessible every time you want to just say no to training.
  2. Do a completely new workout. Try one of our challenges. Order a new DVD. Hit YouTube and see how other people are using the TRX and incorporate their ideas into your workouts. Take the workout you normally do and reshuffle the order, duration and intensity of the exercises. Do something, anything, different.
  3. Create a training circuit that incorporates the TRX and two other exercise modalities, like bodyweight exercises, kettlebell work, sandbag work, jump roping or Olympic lifting, whatever you feel you can execute safely and competently.
  4. Arrange a TRX training session with a friend who has never used the TRX before. Having an appointment to keep will make you more likely to show up for your training session. Showing someone else how to use the TRX will help them advance their fitness and will remind you of how far you've come since you started.

When all else fails, promise yourself a reward. Been dying to eat a bowl of ice cream? Need a new pair of shoes? Want to watch your favorite television show later in the day but feel guilty about making the time to do it? Take anything you'd really like to do and promise it to yourself if you complete every workout seven days in a row or for two weeks or a month or whatever. Write down the reward, what you have to do to achieve it, and make it happen.

How do you trick yourself into getting on the TRX when you just want to crawl back under the covers? Go to the Forum and post your tricks and treats. We look forward to hearing your top tips!

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