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TRX Challenges You to Join the Fun

TRX Challenges You to Join the Fun

London-based TRX On Demand Instructors, Niko Algieri and Jay Brockway, go headstand-for-headstand in a brotherly challenge to see who can knock out more reps of the TRX Headstand to Push-Up on a TRX Suspension Trainer. Who do you think will emerge the champion? And how many do you think they'll successfully complete?

If you haven't seen our post, TRX Inversions: Learn the Move, or haven't perfected your TRX Headstand using your TRX Suspension Trainer, check out this post to learn some tips and tricks that will get you prepared for this heart-pumping, core-carving challenge that's sure to add some fun into your workouts.

Then, once you learn and perfect your own TRX Headstand and Push-Up, Niko and Jay challenge you to complete as many TRX Handstand Push-Ups as you can!


Did you choose the correct champion? Regardless of who won in this video challenge, we think anyone who is willing to have fun with their workouts is the real winner.

For those who love a little competition, if you think you have what it takes to beat the champion, complete the challenge and join the fun by tagging us on Instagram using the hashtag #TRXforFUN. Once you've shown us your moves, enter the TRX for Anybody Giveaway for the chance to win the ultimate home gym bundle to help get you exactly where you want to be.

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