TRX Combo Exercises

Posted on Thu, 22 Mar 2012 09:31:00 -07:00
TRX Combo Exercises

Here, TRX Instructor Doug Balzarini shows us five two-part movements that involve alternating between two TRX exercises, perfect for getting a total body workout in little time. You will perform one rep of one exercise followed by one rep of another exercise and continue to alternate back and forth for the desired number of reps. Using the interchanging sequence requires a bit more coordination and core stability. Use these movements only with healthy clients and monitor them throughout to ensure they are performing each exercise with proper form.

1. TRX Biceps Curl to TRX Low Row
This is a pretty popular interchanging sequence you may have seen before. Perform a TRX Biceps Curl with your palms up and your upper arms parallel to the ground. After one rep, rotate your hands to a neutral grip and perform one rep of a TRX Low Row with your elbows down by your sides and your spine neutral throughout.

2. TRX Single Leg Squat to TRX Single Leg Balance Reach

When performing the TRX Single Leg Squat, keep your arms relatively straight and try to keep your weight on the heel to the mid foot while maintaining an upright posture. After each rep, hinge from your hip, apply pressure into the handles, extend your heel towards the back wall and lower down into a balance reach or deadlift position and maintain a neutral spine throughout the exercise.

3. TRX Crossing Balance Lunge to TRX Step Side Lunge
Begin by lowering down into a TRX Crossing Balance Lunge and reaching the rear leg diagonally behind you. On the way up, bring the rear leg out to the side, line up the ankle, knee and hip joint and sit back into a TRX Step Side Lunge. Head and chest should remain upright and feet should remain forward throughout the exercise.

4. TRX Burpee to TRX Scorpion
After the push-up portion of the TRX Burpee, you will perform the TRX Scorpion by rotating your torso and bringing the free leg under your body and then rotating your torso the other way to bring that free leg over your body. Next, return to the push-up position and drive that knee up before standing tall to complete one rep.

5. TRX Low Row to TRX Triceps Extension
Keep a neutral grip for the TRX Low Row and pull explosively enough to carry you through and under the anchor point where you will go right into a TRX Triceps Extension. This will also be done in an explosive nature so that you can return back to the row position. Make sure the TRX is fully shortened, and only suggest this exercise to healthy and experienced TRX users.

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