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TRX Core Workout and Lower Body Workout from Hayley Hollander

Posted on Wed, 15 Jun 2011 01:00:00 -07:00

TRX Core Workout and Lower Body Workout from Hayley Hollander

TRX Master Trainer Hayley Hollander developed this killer TRX Core workout while she was teaching a TRX Suspension Training Course in Reno, Nevada where one of the students was having a hard time performing the TRX Oblique Crunch. Hayley’s attempts to help the student master this movement resulted in the following series of movements, what she termed the TRX Agitator, for its resemblance to the “agitator” cycle of your washing machine at home. “Think of it like you are wringing out your obliques,” says Hayley.

TRX Agitator
Adjust your Suspension Trainer to mid calf length. Start on the ground facing away from the anchor point. Assume a plank position on your hands or forearms. Bring both knees in toward your right elbow, and without extending the legs, rotate the knees side to side from elbow to elbow.

This is a great exercise to build shoulder stability, while working on core strength. This movement would be a good exercise for swimmers, runners, high jumpers and any sport requiring a lot of trunk rotation. The TRX Agitator allows the user to experience a great deal of rotational trunk integration, while sequencing movement with the shoulder girdle and trunk simultaneously.

Not everyone can do ground based exercises, so with that in mind, Hayley looked at ways to modify the TRX Oblique Crunch so it could be performed in a standing position. The result? The TRX Tornado.

TRX Tornado
Fully lengthen your Suspension Trainer. Stand facing away from the anchor point. Tuck the TRX straps under your arms and walk your body to a 45 degree angle to the floor. Move right to left as you squat down, keeping your weight on the balls of your feet as you pivot. Always return to center with your hips fully extended at the top of the movement.

This is a unique exercise that not only builds core mobility recruiting the obliques, erector spinae and rectus abdominis surrounding the spine, but it is also teaching pivoting and rotational movements of the lower body, simultaneously. The application can be for athletes who are cutting and changing directions on a consistent basis. It can also be applied to many activities of daily life. Therefore, the TRX Tornado is a great exercise to train the functional rotational squat of everyday life movements.

You can progress this exercise into a single leg application by driving the unplanted leg in different directions to mimic athletic movements. And to expand even further on that idea, you can change it to add an arm driver, which will improve coordination, rhythm, timing and contra lateral movement.

When coming up with a new exercise, think of the basics first and simply evolve it from there. Perform this workout at home and get your TRX Suspension Trainer here

Hayley Hollander is a TRX Master Trainer and co-owner of Advanced Training Performance an elite personal training company in Las Vegas, Nevada. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her drive for education motivated her to get many fitness certifications from ACE, NASM, AFAA, Yogafit RYT-200, Pilates Coach and USA Weightlifting. Hayley loves teaching yoga and outdoor bootcamp classes on the Suspension Trainer.

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