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TRX Education Journey Customized for Your Goals

Posted on April 2, 2018 1:00 PM

TRX Education

TRX Education Journey Customized for Your Goals

Anyone can snag exercises from the internet and call themselves a pro, but through TRX’s comprehensive education journey, you will get the content, skills, and credentials you need to set yourself apart from the competition and take your business to the next level.

Customize your journey by picking the courses applicable to you and your business:


Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course (STC) + Functional Training Course (FTC)

Begin learning the TRX movement-based philosophy and put those standards to work with various client scenarios. Teaching circuit classes with lots of different equipment? Take things to the next level by applying our coaching philosophy to other fitness modalities. Like we always say, it’s not about how much you know but about what you can coach that matters. The STC and FTC will definitely get you there.

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Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course + Functional Training Course + Group Training Course (GTC)

Once you’ve mastered the basics and learned how to coach movements based on the standard, specialize your skill set even further by applying what you know to a group of people (all at different fitness levels). GTC grads will walk away with two pre-programmed workouts and templates and a wealth of new game-changing teaching skills.



Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course + TRX for Yoga Digital Course

Infuse TRX Suspension Training into your yoga practice with a fresh evolution of movement meant to assist and challenge traditional poses. Just as yoga blocks, straps, and bolsters assist students with their yoga practice, the TRX Suspension Trainer can be a valuable tool to support or enhance several poses. The TRX for Yoga digital course aims to advance your TRX Suspension Training knowledge and skill-set with yoga-inspired movements that emphasize mobility, stability and strength.



Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course + Functional Training Course + Group Training Course + Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC)

Compile all the knowledge and skills you’ve accumulated and prepare yourself for your deepest dive yet into mastering TRX programming protocols and delivering the ultimate TRX Experience. Pass your written and live skills tests during this two day endeavor and you’ll be a certified TRX coach. 



Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course + Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course (SMSTC)

For pre-hab as well as rehab, the Suspension Trainer has the ability to assist your clients and help patients attain or regain functional strength and range of motion. The SMSTC will teach you how to incorporate TRX® Suspension Training® into your individualized or group post-rehabilitation, injury prevention, and fitness programs.Pour over various case studies to see how best to address various types of injuries and physical setbacks. 



No matter what journey in the fitness world you choose to embark on, the TRX Suspension Training Course is where you will want to start. 

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