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TRX for Huntington's Disease

Posted on Wed, 05 Oct 2011 11:00:00 -07:00

TRX for Huntington's Disease

TRX for Huntington's Disease

As a National Spokesperson for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, and someone living at risk for this Neurological Brain Disorder, TRX Senior Instructor Shana Martin has dedicated her life to functional fitness and to helping those struggling with Huntington’s Disease maintain mobility and daily function.

“The TRX Suspension Trainer is a great tool for athletes, but we cannot forget about the benefits for other populations,” says Martin. "Research has shown that regular physical activity will help those with Huntington’s Disease maintain their ability to walk, balance and talk, and more recent research shows regular exercise may actually slow down the progression of the disease." By using the handles for assistance, the Neurologically Impaired can safely and confidently work on balance, strength and core stability, which are all important factors in mobility and activities of daily living.

The exercises covered in this video include the following:

Level 1: TRX Assisted Single Leg Balance
Level 2: TRX Assisted Single Leg Balance with Leg Swings
Level 3: TRX Assisted Single Leg Hop and Holds

Leg Strength:
Level 1: TRX Assisted Squats with max use of the Suspension Trainer
Level 2: TRX Assisted Squats with minimal use of the Suspension Trainer
Level 3: TRX Assisted Single Leg Squats

Core Stability:
Level 1: TRX Assisted Plank Hold with offset stance
Level 2: TRX Assisted Plank Hold with wide stance
Level 3: TRX Assisted Plank Hold with alternating feet

Although filmed with Huntington’s Disease patients, these exercises are not limited to just this disorder. Those struggling with Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and thousands of other neurological disorders can benefit from these basic exercises.

Have you used the TRX to work with clients who have a neurological disorder? Share your story below.

Shana Martin ( is a TRX Senior Instructor, fitness expert, world champion lumberjack athlete, national spokesperson, fitness competitor, gymnast, pole vaulter, runner… the list goes on! Shana graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Kinesiology – Exercise Science. She is the current fitness director at Supreme Health and Fitness in Madison, and also does personal training and teaches group exercise.

NOTE: Any medical information in this blog is of a general nature and not a substitute for the advice of a medical professional. If you need medical advice, see a doctor.

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