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TRX for Injury-free Summer Sports

Posted on Thu, 14 Jul 2011 01:00:00 -07:00

TRX for Injury-free Summer Sports

TRX for Injury-free Summer Sports

The longer days, gorgeous weather and call of the outdoors leads many people to seize the day and get out and play. Unfortunately, the sudden increase in dynamic activity has also caused many backs to seize, knees to hurt and shoulders to cry out in pain!

The aches and injuries people experience when engaging in summer sports and hobbies are usually due to the fact that they were a lot less active during the colder winter months. Typically, winter weather keeps many people indoors, seated at desks, watching television and in their cars. This high level of inactivity can cause the structures of the hips, torso and spine to become dependent on the aid of a chair, seat or couch for support. As a result, these structures become immobile and weak. Now, when placed under the excessive demands required of the body during dynamic activities like sports, deconditioned muscles and joints become susceptible to pain and/or injury.

Most sporting activities require the hips, spine and trunk to be able to rotate. Hitting a tennis forehand and backhand, for example, or taking a backswing and follow-through in golf requires rotation of the spine and hips to enable the golf club or tennis racket to swing back and forth. If these structures are not able to rotate fully or correctly, it can lead to pain or injury. Therefore, a prudent approach for preparing the body to be pain free for summer sports would include exercises that both mobilize and strengthen the structures of the spine and hips for rotary movements (i.e., the transverse plane). In the video, Justin shows us three exercises utilizing the TRX Suspension Trainer that do just that, improve transverse plane movements to keep you mobile, strong and injury free this summer… and beyond!

For more from Justin, be sure to check out the TRX Biomechanics: Healthy Back DVD and the TRX Performance: Tennis DVD

Justin Price, MA, is a corrective exercise specialist and creator of The BioMechanics Method (, which provides exercise solutions for people in chronic pain. He is an IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and an educator for the American Council on Exercise, PTontheNET, PTA Global and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

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