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TRX FORCE at the Warrior Games

Posted on Thu, 10 Jun 2010 03:00:00 -07:00

TRX FORCE at the Warrior Games

TRX FORCE at the Warrior Games

Looks like all of that training paid off! The Marines who trained under the guidance of FAI’s Head of Military Education, Dr. Joe Martin, D.C. (above), emerged victorious from the first inaugural Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, Colorado on May 10-14, 2010. (Click here to watch the All-Marine Warrior Team Training Camp video.)

An estimated 200 athletes gathered to battle it out at the US Olympic Training Center in the events of shooting, swimming, archery, sitting volleyball, cycling, track, wheelchair basketball, discus and shot put. The Marines had a distinct advantage going into the Games, having trained extensively beforehand with Doc Joe on the TRX® Suspension Trainer™ (below).

Doc Joe ended up pulling double duty at the Games, when he was asked to be the doctor for athletes from all branches of the military. “First I was the Team Doctor for the Marine Corps and then for the whole Games! I had the Marine Corps plus the Army, Navy and Air Force asking for treatment along the way. It kept me busy!”

Doc Joe’s extensive background in sports medicine and chiropractic care made him perfectly suited for the role, and without advertising his services, he had people knocking on his door throughout the five days of competition, asking for the “TRX guy.”

“The guys really understood the therapy aspect of what we were doing,” says Doc Joe. “It was a humbling experience to treat them.”

The TRX is uniquely beneficial for rehab situations because it can be scaled for any type of injury or disability, in many cases allowing athletes to achieve levels of success previously unattainable. Doc Joe recounts the story of one athlete, Chuck, who was blind, had a double amputation and had brain cancer. Chuck competed in the 50 yard and 100 meter swims at the Games, a feat made possible in part due to the upper body strength he gained performing TRX Pull-ups (above).

Although many inspirational stories came out of the Games, the highlight for Doc Joe was the camaraderie between all of the branches. “It’s healthy competition, where everyone’s cheering one another on and competing for bragging rights,” says Doc Joe. “It’s like sibling rivalry; it’s one big family.”

After winning the Games, the Marines took the trophy on a tour of the major USMC bases including Camp Lejeune and Camp Pendleton (above, with Major Susan Stark, head coach and operations officer for the 2010 Marine Corps Warrior Games team and Alex Roodhouse, FAI Director of Military Programs).

Congratulations, Marine Corps and all the teams who competed in the 2010 Warrior Games!

You can help make a difference in the lives of Wounded Warriors. Purchase a TRX Force Training Kit, and $5 from every purchase goes directly into the TRX Fund to provide Fitness Anywhere education, training, TRXs and equipment to Wounded Warriors.

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