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TRX FORCE: Mission Readiness Challenge

Posted on Thu, 06 Oct 2011 04:00:00 -07:00

TRX FORCE: Mission Readiness Challenge


Earn Your Progression

One of the most critical components of TRX Training is earning your progression. Every rep, every set, every workout, we believe you must strive for perfect form and that you only layer intensity onto your TRX movements and training in general after you’ve mastered the fundamentals and demonstrated your capacity to move with precision and sound form. Failure to do so can lead to illness, injury and a forced hiatus from training. Anyone with a whiteboard and a stopwatch can program a workout that will run you into the ground and leave you doubled over puking your brains out. Training of that sort makes you better--better at vomiting. If your mission is to become a better vomiter, go for it.

The TRX FORCE: Mission Readiness Challenge is a timed test where you strive to complete as many repetitions of five exercises as possible against the clock. But don’t mistake this for a signal to abandon form and wildly flail around in a quest to big-up your score and trump your training buddies. There’s no honor in shortstroking your reps, moving with poor form or using momentum to enhance your final score. And there’s certainly no reward for pushing yourself so hard that you end up sick or injured.

Make no mistake: push yourself to your absolute limits when facing down the Challenge. But know your limits and approach every repetition with a movement mastery mindset. You must know what performing each movement in the Challenge correctly, with perfect form, looks like. And you need to know what performing these movements correctly, with perfect form, feels like, too.

Check with your doctor before commencing this or any exercise program. Work at a level appropriate to your fitness--not the level of fitness you wish you had so you could rub your training buddies’ faces in your score if only you had the fitness to destroy them in the Challenge.

It’s only when you’ve taken these basic steps that you’re ready for the Challenge. Only layer intensity onto your training when you’ve earned your right to progress. When you do, put the pedal to the floor, and accelerate towards YOUR personal best.

With that in mind, have at it. We look forward to hearing your Challenge stories and seeing your scores. Here at TRX HQ, we assaulted the Challenge as a team and pushed ourselves to the absolute limit, pumping out more than 7,000 total reps as a group during the first day of the tournament (watch Fraser grinding out the last few reps of each exercise in the video above*). On the menu for today: the finals, and the chance for one TRX employee to take the title of HQ champ.

*NOTE: Fraser performs the TRX Atomic Pike on his fists versus his hands because he has a wrist injury. This is an option if you or your clients have a similar condition.

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