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TRX Fund: Giving Back to the Military Community

Posted on Mon, 04 Jul 2011 01:00:00 -07:00

TRX Fund: Giving Back to the Military Community

TRX Fund: Giving Back to the Military Community

Mission accomplished? Not so fast!

As we celebrate Independence Day today in the US, our thoughts turn to all of the men and women stationed overseas and also to those who have recently returned home. While the transition process of converting citizens to soldiers is adequately covered in the weeks and months leading up to deployment, there is no formal training for soldiers (especially those wounded in the line of duty) returning from combat or other military duty.

Here at TRX, where military servicemen and women comprise a large part of the TRX Community, we are keenly aware of the challenges faced by our returning soldiers, which is why we created the TRX Fund to offer support to these brave individuals and continue to make a measurable difference in their lives through on-going donations.

To date, the TRX Fund has provided thousands of dollars worth of TRX equipment and training to challenged athletes and wounded warriors in select organizations that are aligned with TRX’s vision. These include, but are not limited to, the Semper Fi Odyssey (formerly the VET Foundation), Adopt a Solder and Midwest Marines Foundation.

From Challenged Athletes to athletes preparing for the annual Warrior Games, TRX Training continues to have a major impact on the individuals in these programs by inspiring and empowering them to overcome mental and physical obstacles.

A recent recipient of donations from the TRX Fund is LifeQuest (video above), a nonprofit that combines physical therapy with adventure sports to help heal veterans injured physically or psychologically in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to rock climbing, mountain biking and white water rafting, the volunteer staff supervises daily exercise classes in a gym inside donated space on one side of a warehouse in Colorado Springs. These exercise classes consist of TRX Training on new TRX FORCE Kits as well as hands-on instruction by TRX Director of Military Education, Dr. Joe Martin, all part of donations from the TRX Fund.

“When I first start working with a group of wounded warriors, often they’re not comfortable in the gym,” says Doc Joe. “But once they get in a group setting, they get that camaraderie back. And within a short while, they started to feel like soldiers again. With the TRX, the fun comes back into working out.”

You too can support the TRX Fund by purchasing a TRX FORCE Kit - $5 of your purchase goes directly to the TRX Fund and will benefit those injured service members who continue to embody the warrior spirit. To learn more, click here. Also, check out our new TRX FORCE Facebook page, which will provide tactical specific content, support and training tips to TRX service members.

Happy Independence Day! Please celebrate safely.

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