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TRX Fund: Marine Warriors Train on Tactical TRX Suspension Trainer

Posted on Mon, 31 May 2010 01:00:00 -07:00

TRX Fund: Marine Warriors Train on Tactical TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX Fund: Marine Warriors Train on Tactical TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Fund continues to make a real, measurable difference in the lives of injured servicemen and women, something that Fitness Anywhere Senior Producer Desmond Croan and Director of Photography Henry Young recently got to witness. The 2010 Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, Colorado held May 10-14, served as a qualifier for Wounded Warriors from all branches of service seeking entry into the Paralympic Games.

Croan and Young traveled to Fort Carson, Colorado the week of May 3 to document Fitness Anywhere's Director of Military Education, Dr. Joe Martin, working with a group of 40 Marines over the course of two days as they prepared for the Games (see video above). Seeing the impact of the TRX Fund firsthand had a powerful impact on both Young and Croan. “We saw people who were directly affected by war through service to their country benefitting from the TRX Fund,” says Croan. “It made us feel positive about what we're doing at Fitness Anywhere.”

Doc Joe had been to Fort Carson on three previous occasions to provide TRX instruction to personnel at the Fort Carson Morale, Wellness and Recreation Center. The facility has a TRX S-Frame and offers TRX classes, but during this visit, Doc Joe's mission was to work with Wounded Warrior Marines and prepare them for the Warrior Games. During the course of the training, Doc Joe instructed them in the basics of TRX usage and training and put them through PT sessions. “It's always a humbling experience working with Wounded Warriors,” says Doc Joe. “There were double amputees, blind guys, guys with paralysis on one side, upper or lower extremity difficulties, single leg amputees, guys in wheelchairs and guys with spinal cord injuries.” Doc Joe held three training sessions with small groups each day and worked with individual Wounded Warriors one-on-one to help develop training protocols that allowed them to train, no matter what injuries they had sustained during combat.

While Croan and Young have worked on numerous military-related projects during their tenures at Fitness Anywhere, this was the first time the duo had the opportunity to see the good work the TRX Fund makes possible in person. “We got to watch Doc Joe work his magic,” says Young. “A lot of the athletes talked about how they just can't use equipment in a normal gym, so to see Doc Joe take them through some one-on-ones on the TRX and come up with workouts that accommodated their injuries on the spot was very cool. He would improvise and figure out what they could and couldn't do and find ways for them to keep challenging themselves. I'd never filmed anything like that before.”

It was a moving experience for Croan as well and gave him a greater appreciation for the impact the TRX has on Wounded Warriors. “There are only a few people at Fitness Anywhere who know what it's like to experience what these guys have gone through,” says Croan. “When we came back, we wanted to share our experiences with the rest of the FAI staff and tell them the work we do helps to give these guys a way to train again. The TRX makes it possible to create training programs that can be scaled to meet their needs.”

The TRX Fund provided over $20,000 of equipment and training to make the Fort Carson TRX training possible for these injured Marines, just one of many examples of how the TRX Fund is making a difference in the lives of injured service members. “Every guy received a TRX, Fitness Anywhere training programs and knowledge of how to use the TRX,” says Croan. “The training from Doc Joe and the equipment from the company helped to get them off the ground and train, regardless of their injuries. Those guys are champions. It's inspiring to see guys who go through so much because of what they believe in, and what we all believe in. This Memorial Day, we'll definitely have a bigger appreciation for the sacrifices they've made for the benefit of all of us.”

You can help make a difference in the lives of Wounded Warriors. Purchase a TRX FORCE Kit, and $5 from every purchase goes directly into the TRX Fund to provide Fitness Anywhere education, training, TRXs and equipment to Wounded Warriors.

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