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TRX Game Day Workout

Posted on Mon, 22 Aug 2011 11:00:00 -07:00

TRX Game Day Workout


Take the TRX Game Day Challenge with Superbowl MVP quarterback Drew Brees, and show us what you've got! The pros have been working hard, logging long hours and preparing themselves for battle each week. What about you? We know you're putting in the time, but are you ready for game day? Fit this burn in before you settle into the couch for the games.

This challenge features top strength and conditioning coach Todd Durkin's favorite exercises from the TRX Performance: Team Sports DVD:

  • TRX Sprinter Start (with Hop) (30 each leg)
  • TRX Power Pull (20 each arm)
  • TRX Incline Press (10 each leg)

TRX Sprinter Start (with Hop)
Stand facing away from the anchor point. Hold handles with a “palms in” grip, elbows bent at sides. Position the TRX either underneath or outside the arms. Step forward with left leg. Lean into TRX at approximately 45 degrees. Drive off the front leg and bring the rear knee forward. Hop and return to start position. Perform for 30 reps and repeat on other side.

TRX Power Pull
(NOTE: For this exercise, Durkin has configured the TRX into single handle mode, but you can perform it in double handle mode as well.) Stand facing the anchor point with feet shoulder width apart. Hold the TRX with your right hand. Lean back. Twist away from the anchor point and extend left arm outward, following the line of the TRX. Pull body toward anchor point with right arm, using a rowing motion. At same time, bring left arm as high as possible along the TRX by twisting body. Return to start position. Perform for 20 reps and repeat on other side.

TRX Incline Press
Stand facing the anchor point, place right foot in foot cradle. Drop to a push-up position and walk on hands away from the anchor point, using the free leg for balance. Lower torso into a press position, using free leg for support. Drive body up and away from ground and then lower chest back down. Perform for 10 reps and repeat with other leg.

The TRX Game Day Challenge may appear simple, but trust us, you'll need to dig deep to complete the above workout! Once you are able to perform the prescribed number of reps for each exercise above, make sure to document this awesome accomplishment by posting it to Facebook or Twitter and tag @TRXtraining.

Get your game faces on. It's game time.

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