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TRX Games to Play!

Posted on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 04:20:00 -07:00

TRX Games to Play!

TRX Games to Play!

Since it is the week before Halloween, and we will soon be bombarded with pint sized goblins, ghouls, superheroes and princesses, this week is deadicated to those who are younger and those who are younger at heart.

I was at a five year old birthday party at a park the other day and was talking to a mother about how her husband's job has created a sedentary life for him and how it has been effecting his back. Soon I had the TRX strung up over the jungle gym (I always have one in the trunk of my car - who doesn't??) and was demonstrating some moves, and in record time, I was surrounded by three foot high munchkins hopped up on sugar, all clamoring to give it a try.

TRX Games Are Born

Taking a page from Jonathan Ross's "Superhero Workout,"  I invited the kids to play an adventure game (think Indiana Jones).

  • They would run up to the TRX and grab it with one hand and have to drop down to dodge "bullets," then they would have to pull up to grab my hand so I could pull them up to "safety" (one arm pull). They would then run around and get back in line. We did this for a couple of rounds.
  • Next, they had to avoid being bitten by alligators by doing TRX Low Rows.
  • Finally, I had them doing TRX Squat Jumps, and I would tell them they were being pulled by a car and had to jump over rocks that were coming right.... NOW!

I was amazed at how willing and good the kids were at doing the exercises. They all waited in line for their turn, and when they got their chance, they played with such enthusiasm, you would have thought I brought Disneyland to the park.

Not Just for Kids

Oh, the games don't just stop there. At our company picnic, the TRX was incorporated into the relay race (pictured above). Paired up with a FitDeck, the player would have to pull a card from the deck, run about 50 yards to the TRX, do the medium amount of reps on the card and run back and tag the next person on their team. The process was repeated until all of the players made it through.

Time to Play

Kids are natural exercisers because they don't call it exercise... they call it playing. For us grown-ups, the days of swinging over alligator-infested swamps are over... or are they?

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