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TRX Gives Back: "Get one, Give One"

Posted on Mon, 05 Dec 2011 10:00:00 -08:00

TRX Gives Back: "Get one, Give One"

TRX Gives Back:  "Get one, Give One"

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Well, TRX has come up with an exciting way for you to give and receive at the same time. In celebration of the holiday season and the release of the new TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical with the 12-week comprehensive Tactical Conditioning Program, we are launching our new “Get One, Give One” promotion. This means TRX, in collaboration with Adopt-a-Soldier, will be donating an original TRX FORCE Kit for every new TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical purchased through Christmas to troops deployed in the field.

This is a chance to get your hands on our most sophisticated, highly anticipated product to date, while making a huge contribution to the lives of solders serving our country. TRX has had a long history of working with this organization, and we are excited to include our community in this relationship. This is a win-win in every way.

Since April 2003, Adopt-a-Solder has been providing soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan with a little bit of home. Their services include everything from care packages with American food, guitar lessons and visits from NFL cheerleaders to building medical recovery day rooms and rehabilitation programs for wounded soldiers. Through Adopt-a-Soldier’s Operation Respite, TRX has helped distribute hundreds of TRX FORCE Kits and TRX Fit Decks to soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. We take great pride in this campaign, and it’s been a huge success, providing best-in-class fitness equipment to our most important tactical athletes. Please take advantage of this opportunity to get a new TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical. Your purchase is as much a gift to them as it is to you.

Purchase your TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical here.

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