TRX Halloween Workout
Posted on Oct 22, 2015 2:56:00 PM
For those looking for a fun workout and not wanting to feel guilty for eating some Halloween candy, check out this workout by TRX Senior Instructor Alexis Craig. This workout includes 5 exercises to do at 30 second intervals.
The Spider Plank: To work your core and obliques, this move is sure to dust off some cobwebs. 
- Lengthen  your suspension trainer to mid-calf
- Put your toes in facing away from the anchor point in a plank position
- Once you've got a solid plank, bring your knee to your shoulder and back. Switch sides.
Zombie March Lunge (with Rip Trainer): In case of the zombie apocalypse, having strong legs and glutes will be useful if you want to fit in or just run away. 
- Stand facing away from the anchor point
- Put your hands at mid-chest
- Place the bar to the chest height and put your arms out to drive.
- Then lunge one side at a time.
Mummy Hug: Also known as the bicep crunch, this special hug is sure to pump those guns for holding the biggest bag of candy you can imagine.
- Stand facing the anchor.
- Have suspension straps at mid-length.
- Palms should face one another.
- Hang with straight arms, then pull up to hug, repeat.
Witch Shuffle & Sweep (with Rip Trainer): To effectively help trim your ghoulish mid section with some core rotation, this combination is a fun way to exorcise some demons.
- Stand side facing.
- Hands in zones one and four with the power hand facing up and the base hand facing down
- Shuffle away from the the anchor & sweep, then shuffle back. 
- Switch sides/hands and repeat.
Bat Jacks or Jumps: On the ground or in the air, this simple and effective move will get your heart rate soaring and leave you feeling drained, muh-ha-ha!
- Make your best bat arms.
- Start with level one jacks.
- Catch some air for level 2 jumping.
That's it! Simple and effective. Do one round for every piece of candy you eat and you'll escape Halloween without issue.

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