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TRX Heads to Crossfit Games

Posted on Thu, 15 Jul 2010 01:00:00 -07:00

TRX Heads to Crossfit Games

TRX Heads to Crossfit Games

We’ve seen many of you discussing how you’ve integrated the TRX into your CrossFit workouts, so we thought we’d see for ourselves the application of the TRX for the CrossFit crowd. The TRX will be in attendance at the “Fittest Games on Earth” this weekend in Carson, California, with some real talent in the booth, Mr. Jody “MoJo” Morgan (in video below).

Morgan, 29, an active duty Navy Master at Arms, pro MMA fighter and CrossFit and TRX instructor, is a real CrossFit "firebreather." A former collegiate 800 meter runner, Morgan became a competitive powerlifter while in the Navy with a 595 pound deadlift max to his credit before moving on to CrossFit, MMA and TRX Suspension Training. “Crossfit and TRX need each other. You take someone who can deadlift 400 pounds and rep out 100 TRX Atomic Push-ups, and you've got a really strong athlete,” says Morgan.

Morgan and his coach, Jeannie Bassie, the founder of Beach CrossFit, have experimented with ever-more challenging progressions on the TRX to enhance Morgan's overall athleticism. “When Jeannie and I started playing around with it, we tried adding sandbags, barbells, kettlebells and boxes to TRX movements." Some of the moves the duo created include a TRX Atomic Handstand Push-up, a TRX Pendulum where the body is held parallel to the anchor point and TRX versions of classic CrossFit workouts like Angie.

The original CrossFit Angie consists of 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 bodyweight squats with all reps of one exercise being completed before moving onto the next (for time). The TRX version of Angie that Morgan created uses the same scheme but substitutes 100 TRX Low Rows, 100 TRX Atomic Push-ups, 100 TRX Leg Raises and 100 TRX Jump Squats for the original exercises. “Try Angie on the TRX, and you'll have to break it down to sets of just 50 reps at first,” says Morgan. “It will end up taking the same amount of time as your normal Angie for half the reps. I've had people try it and they're like, ‘Jody, this shit is crazy.’”

How have you combined the TRX and CrossFit? What workouts have you created? How has the TRX made you better at CrossFit? Share your comments below.

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