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TRX Hits the Tennis Channel

Posted on Mon, 30 Aug 2010 01:00:00 -07:00

TRX Hits the Tennis Channel

TRX Hits the Tennis Channel

The visibility of the TRX Suspension Trainer for tennis players went into overdrive after being featured on the Tennis Channel's program “Fit to Hit."  In the video above, host and tennis junkie Danielle Dotzenrod demonstrates several tennis specific exercises on the TRX including the TRX Crossing Lunge, TRX Plank and TRX Oblique Crunch, movements that replicate the unique demands of the game of tennis. All of these exercises are very effective at targeting the core stabilizer muscles, which are necessary for balanced ground strokes and increased serve performance. Ace!

Here are some of the other unique benefits of using the TRX for tennis:

  1. Develops core strength for maximum shot power. The TRX enables hundreds of functional movements to build the core stability, rotational power and improved balance that are essential for developing a smooth, powerful stroke.
  2. Suitable for every player level. Elite, recreational, junior and senior players will all benefit from using the TRX. Because the TRX leverages the user’s own bodyweight and gravity, any player can modify exercise intensity simply by changing his or her body angle.
  3. Highly compact and easy to set up. Weighing less than two pounds, the TRX easily fits in a tennis bag and can be anchored directly to a tennis court fence or any other supportive overhead point in just a few seconds.

Check out Danielle in action above, and click here for more information on how the TRX can help you take your tennis game to the next level.

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