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TRX HQ at the Races

Posted on Tue, 07 Aug 2012 04:39:00 -07:00

TRX HQ at the Races

TRX HQ at the Races

At TRX HQ, employees often spend their evenings, weekends--and lunches--putting their hard-earned fitness to the test in the crucible of competition. From lunchtime TRX Circuit Training classes to hill repeats up nearby Coit tower to runs along the Embarcadero, we live it because we love it. Here are a few individuals who have recently taken work home with them to hunt and capture some audacious endurance sport goals.

TRX Senior Manager of Group Training and Development and 2012 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Dan McDonough recently completed the Tahoe Sierra 59, finishing third in his age group. This race consisted of more than 8,000 vertical feet of climbing through some of the most severe single-track in California.
“After literally three years off the dirt, I have found my way back to my passion, mountain biking. Riding my mountain bike makes me feel alive and free.”

TRX Education Coordinator Kortney Jamtaas recently completed the Ironman 70.3 Vineman Triathlon and finished 25th in her age group. Kortney has completed a handful of full Ironman distance triathlons, and next has her sights set on Ironman Arizona on Nov. 19.
“I race because I love it, it keeps me healthy, and the group of folks I get to train with are awesome. So to me, it's about spending time with friends, being active, and then having an occasional race. It's a lifestyle that I've established over the years, and now my race schedule feels pretty normal to me.”

TRX Digital Content Creator Poz Lang just completed the San Francisco marathon (her fourth 26.2 finish), setting a new personal record. This year she is training to qualify for the Boston Marathon (needing to finish in under 3:35:00). 
“I thought this race was a super fail for the entire first half. I ended up beating my best marathon time by 28 minutes. I guess those last-minute suspension trainer workouts with Nicole [Senior Manager of Commercial Product & Programs] did the trick.”

Director of Content Andrew Vontz and Content Writer Blake Kasemeier just competed in the Tahoe Trail 100k Mountain Bike race, which included more than 7,500 vertical feet of climbing, as well as a lot of dirt (see image above). “I inhaled so much dust that my lungs felt like an overfilled vacuum cleaner bag,” says Vontz. They both have a history in competitive cycling (crits, road races, cross country mountain bike, and cyclocross for Vontz, and collegiate triathlons for Kasemeier), but this was the longest off-road race either has tackled.
“This was one of the most challenging races I have ever done, but I was totally impressed by the support of the mountain bike community and my fellow riders. A real classy group,” said Kasemeier.

If you want an awesome TRX workout that will help boost your endurence try the TRX Endurance Athletes Workout.

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