TRX Introduces First Ever Group Training Certification Open to the Public
Posted on Jul 13, 2016 8:15:00 AM
TRX Introduces First Ever Group Training Certification Open to the Public
SAN FRANCISCO – July 13, 2016 - TRX, the industry leader in Functional Training and creators of Suspension Training®, have expanded their education offering and commercial fitness programming with an Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC) – the first-ever group-training certification available from TRX. Set for an official unveiling at the 2016 IDEA World Fitness and Nutrition Expo in Los Angeles, the TRX AGTC provides Fitness Professionals with the necessary tools needed to deliver and program streamlined TRX experiences to boost training competence and marketability; and maximize retention and acquisition in gyms, fitness facilities and studios.
The TRX AGTC is the pinnacle of the “TRX Education Journey” – which consists of the Suspension Training Course, the Functional Training Course, and the Group Training Course. Developed over several years, the meticulously designed two-day course aims to elevate fitness professionals to a level where they are able to develop their own customized TRX programs in small- to large-group settings. This is in comparison to previous courses based upon a specific prescribed set of exercises and progressions. TRX’s AGTC course delivers complex, scientifically backed principles distilled down and highly applicable for fitness professionals. These principles are based on TRX’s Foundational Movements and Group Coaching System.
“Instead of providing a step-by-step roadmap of specific exercises and progressions, this course goes a step further in educating at a level that empowers trainers with the expertise to design and implement their own unique TRX group-training programs and ensure that they meet our certified TRX standard,” said Chris Frankel, TRX Head of Human Performance. “This two-day course will help fitness pros, gyms, and health clubs create a blueprint to not only effectively deliver the TRX experience, but to reinvent it on a regular basis, in order to keep clients coming back for more.”
The course is broken down into two daylong sessions. Day one teaches the “programming lenses,” which focus on the techniques behind TRX Foundational Movements, coaching, and workout facilitation that Fitness Pros must master.  Day two focuses on client engagement, with an emphasis on the methodology of delivering compelling TRX experiences, on and off the straps. The AGTC attendance is limited to ensure personalized instructor attention and feedback to improve coaching skills. Upon completion of the 18-hour course and evaluations, participants will earn the highest, most-advanced certification TRX has to offer.
TRX AGTC programming consists of 18 unique boot-camp style workouts, specifically designed to deliver four-, six-, or eight-week programs that will keep clients motivated, engaged, and reaching new levels of fitness. Each workout includes a warm up, cool down, functional strength rounds, cardio intervals and teamwork challenges, along with baseline and finish line testing to showcase members’ progress.
Experienced Fitness Professionals interested in this TRX Certification must first take the following prerequisite courses: the Suspension Training Course (STC), and the Functional Training Course (FTC) or the Group Training Course (GTC).  Upon successful* completion of the TRX Advanced Group Training Course, Fitness Professionals will be TRX Certified Group Trainers. They will receive an electronic version of their TRX Qualification, identifying attendance after the live training, and proof of certification upon successful completion of the live evaluations & online exam, which can be printed and redeemed for continuing education credits (CECs). The provider number and number of CECs can be found on the graduate’s qualification and provider’s website, including American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), Can Fit Pro and PTA Global. Lastly, course graduates will receive discounts on TRX products.
TRX will also debut a wide range of training accessories at the Expo to complement the TRX Functional Training experience, including kettle bells, slam balls, heavy ropes, medicine balls, workout mats and strength bands.
For more information on TRX’s ground breaking Advanced Group Training Course or to find out how to register, please visit To learn more about TRX and its other educational offerings and training products, Fitness Professionals can check out
*Successful Course completion requires both a PASS in the Live Teach Back Evaluations + a score of 80% or higher on the post-course online exam (to be completed within 30 days of the live course date).

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