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TRX Moves of the Week



It may be summer outside, but it’s sled season in this installment of TRX Moves of the Week. Today, Jake Woolley, Director of Sports Performance at the Future Elite Academy, shares three exercises to try with your TRX Suspension Trainer and a training sled.

Jake Woolley performing a TRX row in a gym

This week kicks off with a TRX Row with a twist: instead of attaching the TRX Suspension Trainer to a standard anchor point, Woolley has hooked his up to a weighted sled. (No sled? You can substitute a standard TRX Row.) 

Stand facing the sled, with your feet shoulder-width apart and palms facing down on the handles. Here, the TRX Suspension Trainer will act as a sled rope. Begin in a squatting position with your chest up. As you rise, pull the handles toward the sides of your chest. Walk back while keeping your body stable and core tight, then repeat. This move will work the posterior chain of your body, including your back and hamstrings.

Jake Woolley performing a TRX Tricep Extension in a gym

The second move is the TRX Tricep Extension. Adjust your straps to mid-length and stand facing away from the anchor point with your feet hip-width apart. The closer you set your feet to the wall, the harder it's going to be. Your body should be as flat as a surfboard, your core actively engaged, and your hips stable. Here, you’ll bend your elbows and let your body lower until your head approaches the handles, and then extend all the way back to straight arms. Be sure to keep your elbows close to your sides to really activate those triceps.

Jake Woolley performing a TRX Rollout

Finally, we’re wrapping up with a classic TRX Rollout on the TRX Suspension Trainer. Adjust your straps to mid-length and stand facing away from the anchor with your palms facing down. Woolley recommends starting this standing rollout with your hips slightly hinged, then straightening your body into a surfboard plank as you extend your arms up and away. Take a step forward to reduce your load, or a step back to increase it.

Try these moves at home, and check back next week for more TRX tips and exercises.

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