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TRX Moves of the Week


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In this installment of TRX Moves of the Week, Zack Van Wagoner hits a sequence of moves that will challenge your core...and especially your oblique muscles! This combination will include a TRX Oblique Crunch, TRX Side Plank with Scissor Kicks, and a TRX Single-Leg Plank

Here's how to get started with a TRX Oblique Crunch: 

  • Straps are at mid-calf, then set up on the ground, facing away from your anchor point. 
  • With your feet in the cradles, extend your legs and push your heels back to create a strong and active plank.
  • Begin the movement by slightly lifting your hips, rotating your waist, then bringing your knees toward one elbow. 
  • Return to the start position by pressing your heels back and away from your elbow, then reset the plank before continuing to the other side. 

man performing a TRX Oblique Crunch at home

Next up: TRX Side Plank with Scissor Kicks!

This movement will put on the pressure to create a stable plank position while adding the challenge of scissoring the feet. You can up the intensity by taking your forearm side plank to an extended arm side plank, while keeping your entire body stable as your legs move in and out of the scissor kicks. Here's how to set up:

  • Straps at mid-calf, lying sideways to the anchor point. 
  • Begin by extending your top leg and propping up on your bottom knee. 
  • Set your shoulder back and squeeze your shoulder blades together before extending your bottom leg to enter into the side plank position. 
  • Once you're stable, begin to scissor the legs apart and back together while maintaining a stiff plank with no movement anywhere else in your body. 

man performing a TRX extended side plank with wide stance, at home

And on to your final move, a TRX Single-Leg Plank. This move is all about balance, but it's not your typical balance exercise. The TRX Single-Leg Side Plank challenges you to create symmetry in your hips while being supported by the TRX on only one side, challenging you to truly CHASE YOUR PLANK! Here's how to set up for it:
  • Straps at mid-calf, start on the ground while facing away from your anchor point. 
  • Start with your free leg on the ground and create tension in the straps by pressing your working leg down. 
  • Once your plank is established, create high tension by bracing your abs and squeezing your glutes, then float your free leg up for as long as possible. 
  • You can set your free leg down intermittently during the set or attempt to hold strong for the entire duration. 
  • To challenge yourself a bit more, add movement with your free leg in the form of scorpions, kick throughs, or even some spiderman push-ups! 

man performing a TRX Single-Leg Plank at home

Thanks for joining this week’s episode of TRX Moves of the Week and be sure to tune in next week for more moves! 

A California native, Zack grew up in the Central Valley before making his way to San Francisco and becoming a TRX Trainer. Zack has always focused on helping all of his clients and students be the best version of themselves, both in and outside of the gym.

TRX Trainer Zack Van Wagoner


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