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TRX Moves of the Week


TRX - Moves of the week - 8-16-20 - Final With Captions


In this episode of TRX Moves of the Week, one of our UK-based coaches, Charlotte, takes her TRX Suspension Trainer outside to show us how she does TRX from anywhere! 

Charlotte will take you through three exercises primarily focused on your lower body. Take note of the set up of each exercise, as this will impact your ability to balance throughout the movements. You can also try these exercises at different speeds—slower for strength and faster for power/endurance. 


TRX Squat to Y-Raise

This exercise involves your whole body, but the driving forces come from your hips. Stand facing towards the anchor point with your straps fully lengthened. Hold the handles and shoot your arms up to a Y, with your legs squat width apart. Pull the straps so there is tension on them at all times. Begin to reach your arms forward and sit your hips back simultaneously. As you bend your knees, make sure your feet stay flat on the floor as you squat with your weight in your heels. To get back up, reverse the movement and drive up through your heels. Your arms will reach up to a Y and you will feel your back and shoulders help you come back up. Remember, in this exercise, keep your arms straight so all the movement comes from your shoulder joints, not your elbows!

Charlotte doing a squat to Y Raise

This exercise is a full-body, compound exercise, great for challenging your legs and back. For those who have used kettlebells before, the feeling you get when you come up from the floor is a similar feeling to a kettlebell swing. If this feels challenging, first focus on the sequencing of the movement: your legs and arms have to react at the same time so you have enough power to get back up from the ground.

Charlotte doing a squat

The second exercise is a great one for runners or those who play sports. It is a unilateral exercise, which means we focus on loading up one side of the body more than the other, with asymmetrical forces going through your body. It will strengthen your knees, ankles, and hips while giving your calves a workout too! Take your time, as it can be tricky to balance here. For a super challenge, try doing this exercise without your training shoes on (your feet will work much harder and you will notice the balance aspect will become a little more intense)!


TRX Sprinter Start

Stand facing away from the anchor point with your straps fully lengthened. Take the straps under your armpits and hold the handles. Walk forward until you feel tension in the straps. Take your legs hip-width apart and lift up your heels. Walk back until your body is on an incline around 45 degrees, while keeping your body straight in a plank. Offset your feet so your right foot is forward, then with one big drive into the right foot, pull your left knee towards your chest, while straightening your right leg. Return so that your left foot digs into the floor again and repeat. Remember to stay high on your toes and keep the handles close to your armpits, like you are holding a newspaper under each arm.

Charlotte doing a sprinter start

TRX Suspended Side Lunge

This last exercise is really tricky for balance and challenges the flexibility in your hips, but feels great when you master the control! To set up, your straps should be at mid-calf. Face the anchor and put your left foot into both foot cradles, then turn over your right shoulder to be sideways to the anchor. When you straighten both legs, you should find your TRX straps are dangling down at neutral, or that your left foot is directly under the anchor. While keeping your left leg straight, drop your hips back and down, and bend your right knee while hinging at your hips. It should feel like you are trying to sit back on a very low chair. Then squeeze your glutes to come back up to stand. You should always feel like most of your weight is on your right leg, so the leg in the straps shouldn't have much of your body weight. Make sure your right knee is pointing towards the center of your right toes . 

Charlotte doing a suspended side lunge

The TRX Suspended Side Lunge challenges your inner thighs, quadriceps, glutes, and of course, your core. When you master the side lunge, you can try holding a TRX Kettlebell to add extra resistance...although it might be hard enough already!

How can we put these exercises together? Try doing 5 reps of each, then 10 reps of each, then 15 reps etc. See how far up the 5 step ladder you can go. Remember to do both sides and work on mastering control before you add speed or load (like adding a kettlebell to the movement). Think: technique first, progression second!

Thanks for joining! If you want to see more of these exercises, find Charlotte and the rest of the TRX On Demand team at

As always, check back next week for more TRX Moves! 


Charlotte is a Senior Course Instructor for TRX UK and presents for the TRX Live and On-demand platform. She has been teaching suspension training for 8 years in London's top boutique fitness studios as well as running education courses for Personal Trainers and Group class instructors. She has been featured in Women's Health, Marylebone Journal and Vogue Magazines as a Personal Trainer and Wellness advisor. You can find her on Instagram at Charlotte_tooth

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