Catching up with a fitness colleague often means a workout. So, when the Covid Virus hit and quickly meant no training together in person, Matt and Ben, like the rest of the community, came together virtually. Having fun, working out, and socially connecting means a lot to both of these TRX Master Instructors and they wanted to share a small part of that with the rest of the TRX community.

Matt Gleed and Ben Fildes, TRX Instructors based in the UK, show us how to use the TRX Suspension Trainer to do a TRX Sprinter Start and TRX Atomic Push up in a quick partner workout. One person is working for repetitions on one exercise (in this case the TRX Sprinter Start - 10 on each side) while the other works on the volume of effort with the other exercise (in this case the TRX Atomic Push Up) in the time it takes his/her partner to complete their reps. If you are looking for training ideas, this style of challenge is a nice change of pace and if you coach multiple people, you can try this by splitting them into two groups. 

TRX Sprinter Start

Stand facing away from the anchor point, place straps under the arms, bring handles to both sides of the chest and keep the body weight on the handles. Walk back to a 45 degree angle, center the working leg to the anchor point and drop the opposite leg down into a lunge.  Drive the back leg forward and up towards the chest, coming up on the ball of the foot.

Matt Gleed doing a Sprinter Start & Ben Fildes doing an atomic pushup

TRX Atomic Push up

On the ground facing away from the anchor point with feet in straps, hands under shoulders in a push-up position, lower body towards floor by bending elbows. Then bring knees to chest. Ensure back is straight and position held throughout.

Matt Gleed doing an atomic pushup and Ben Fildes doing a sprinter start

Thanks for checking out this week's episode of TRX Moves of the Week and be sure to tune in next week for more TRX moves. For more workouts like this you can check out TRX Live + On Demand!


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