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TRX Moves of the Week



Ready for an old school throwback in TRX Moves of the Week?

We’re time-traveling to the days when the studio was bright yellow and TRX Training and Development Manager Miguel Vargas had short hair. That’s right, we’re kickin’ it like it’s 2017 and focusing on three foundational moves on the TRX Suspension Trainer: the TRX Squat to Y-Fly, TRX Chest Press, and TRX Lunge. 

Let’s start standing, facing the anchor point with your straps adjusted to mid-length for the TRX Squat to Y-Fly. Your palms should be facing down while gripping the TRX Suspension Trainer handles. With your weight planted in your heels, lower into your squat, then drive up into a big, tall plank. Don’t forget to keep your arms super straight as you stand. 

man performing TRX Y-Fly in studio on TRX Suspension Trainer

For your next move, the TRX Chest Press, adjust the straps to the fully lengthened position and stand facing away from the anchor point. You get to choose your angle—just remember that the exercise gets harder as your angle gets steeper, or as you stand closer to your anchor point. Start with straight arms and your palms facing down on the handles. While drawing the handles wide apart, bend your elbows to 90-degrees at either side of your body, similar to a goal post. To return to your starting position, straighten your arms while pressing the handles back toward the floor.  Keep your core tight to maintain control of this move.

man performing TRX Chest Press on TRX Suspension Trainer in gym

Finish the trio with a TRX Lunge. Adjust your TRX Suspension Trainer to mid-calf length, and stand facing away from the anchor point. Choose which foot you want to suspend, then thread that foot through both foot cradles. Vargas likes to start this move while kneeling on his suspended leg. While pressing your front heel into the ground, drive up to straighten your front leg and stand. Keep your chest nice and tall, and make sure you're body is moving up like you're riding an elevator, versus moving forward like you're on an escalator on this one. Don’t forget to repeat this exercise on your second leg.

man performing TRX Lunge on TRX Suspension Trainer in gymPractice makes perfect, so try to nail 10-12 reps of each exercise before transitioning to the next. We’ll be back with more tips and challenges (and maybe more hairstyles?) next week with TRX Moves of the Week.


For ten years Miguel has been a key factor at TRX. Whether it’s teaching TRX classes at the flagship studio in San Francisco or presenting in front of hundreds of athletes at various trade shows around the world, Miguel delivers the ultimate TRX physical and education experience. When Miguel is not in front of a class, he is either behind a camera shooting the latest and greatest TRX digital content, or working with the rest of the TRX Education team to continue to meet the demands of this continually evolving fitness community. Stay connected and follow @migueltrxsf

TRX Master Instructor Miguel Vargas teaches a course


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