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TRX "Outside the Box"

Posted on Mon, 07 Feb 2011 12:00:00 -08:00

TRX "Outside the Box"

TRX "Outside the Box"

Here is a little something we’re calling the TRX “Outside the Box” workout, Masterminded by TRX Education Manager Steve Katai, here you’ll see 13 exercises—some new, some variations on existing moves—that will provide a much-needed dose of innovation and invigoration to get you through the coming week. The full exercise set list is as follows (times provided in parenthesis for easy viewing):

1. TRX Full Moon (1:30)
2. TRX Wrestler’s Bridge (3:52)
3. TRX Pull-up (5:52)
4. TRX Side Plank (with Pike) (7:40)
5. TRX Push-up (with Rotation) (10:06)
6. TRX Single Leg Squat (with Side Kick) (11:27)
7. TRX Overhead Pull (with Rotation) (14:13)
8. TRX Single Leg Glute Raise (16:11)
9. TRX Single Arm Biceps Curl (with Press) (18:23)
10. TRX Incline Press (with Mountain Climbers) (21:22)
11. TRX Katai Combo (23:40)
12. TRX Crab Walk (25:12)
13. TRX Hand Walk (26:28)

Because many of these exercises are both advanced and unfamiliar, use your discretion when progressing through the workout. Start with however many reps of each exercise you can perform with good form and then increase your reps or challenge yourself further with one of the principles of progression: Stability Principle, Vector Resistance Principle or Pendulum Principle.

The focus here is not speed but technique, so grab your TRX and enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping as you carve out 30 to 35 minutes today for this TRX “Outside the Box” workout, compliments of Katai.

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