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TRX President’s Day Challenge

Posted on Mon, 21 Feb 2011 12:00:00 -08:00

TRX President’s Day Challenge

TRX President’s Day Challenge

In honor of President’s Day today, we've got a special treat for you. Some of you might be familiar with the President's Challenge, a fitness program comprised of five events that test a range of physical fitness standards from aerobic fitness to flexibility to muscular strength and endurance.

Well, we have taken two traditional tests for agility and aerobic fitness and added a TRX twist to create the TRX President's Day Challenge, designed to give you a true snapshot of your current fitness level. These tests can be performed anywhere with minimal equipment, just your TRX, a stop watch and three cones (or anything to mark short distances). The idea is to take this test early in the month, train hard, eat healthy and then take the test again at the end of the month to see your improvement. Let's get started.

Pro Agility Test

The pro agility test for time measures acceleration, deceleration and change of direction (i.e., agility). It is best if you have someone time you. The pro agility test, also known as the 20 yard (18.3 m) shuttle run, can be performed on a football or any marked field.

Use cones placed five yards apart. Straddle the line of the middle cone and on the command “go,” sprint five yards to the cone to your right, change direction and sprint 10 yards to the far cone, change direction again and sprint five yards to the middle cone. The clock starts on the command “go” and stops when you reach the middle cone at the end. Record your time (in seconds) and compare it to the table below to see how you rank against different college athletes.

1.5 Mile (2.41 km) Run

The 1.5 mile (2.41 km) run for time is used to measure aerobic fitness. Use a running track or flat course with a measured distance of 1.5 miles. After a warm up, set your watch and run the distance as fast as you can. Record your time (in minutes) and compare it to the table below to see how you rank for your age and gender.

Perform the pro agility test first and then rest 10 to 15 minutes before performing the 1.5 mile run.

TRX Burpee and TRX Atomic Push-up Combo

Here is the fun one! The TRX Burpee and TRX Atomic Push-up combo will test your work capacity on the TRX Suspension Trainer. It uses two exercises familiar to the TRX Community. If you are new to the Community and TRX training, you will want to practice the moves before testing yourself (please watch the videos before starting).

To perform this part of the test, start by performing one TRX Burpee and then rest for five seconds in the standing position. Next perform two TRX Burpees and then rest for five seconds standing. Continue in this manner, adding one rep to each set, until you are unable to do anymore. The last set you successfully complete, with good form, is your score. For example, if you can perform eight TRX Burpees with your left leg suspended but fail before completing the next set to nine, your score is 8 for the right leg. (NOTE: The leg that is not suspended is the leg you are scoring.)

In the video above, Carlos and Steve are treating this as a partner drill using the Plus 1 rep scheme but resting for the duration of the partner's work. If you're doing this test alone, simply rest for five seconds in between sets as instructed.

Once you have finished with one leg, perform the same thing with the other leg suspended. Once you finish both legs, perform the exact same test using the TRX Atomic Push-up with the Plus 1 rep scheme. The last set you are able to perform with good form is your score.

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