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TRX Pro Files: Tony Cress

Posted on September 10, 2018
Personal Trainer

TRX Pro Files: Tony Cress

The early adopter shares how his investment in TRX has paid off hand-over-fist.
Cress, a TRX Certified Coach & Grey Rank Trainer has participated/participates in the following TRX Courses, Events, & Programs: TRX Suspension Training CourseFunctional Training CourseAdvanced Group Training CourseRip Training CourseSports Medicine Suspension Training CourseTRX Summit; TRX CORE.  
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Tony Cress, personal trainer and owner of Tony Cress Training Center in Las Vegas, first discovered TRX back in 2007, thanks to an episode of the Fitcast podcast. As a forward-thinking fitness professional, Tony is always on the lookout for top quality tools and education that he can use to help his clients succeed, so he was instantly intrigued by this new fitness “trend.” 

“I loved the idea of being able to take a piece of equipment anywhere and get a full-body workout,” he says. “I also loved the fact that, with the Suspension Trainer, I can train for any goal. When they acquired the Rip Trainer, I was swooning!”


Shortly after listening to the podcast, Tony picked up a few Suspension Trainers and did a bit of YouTube research to gain insight on how to properly use them. However, the videos left him wanting more and so he decided to enroll in a TRX education course.

“The first course I took was the TRX Suspension Training Course. I think this was in 2008 or 2009. I drove to Santa Monica from Vegas and had already done a little self-educating on the Suspension Trainer, but industry vet and longtime trainer, Haley Hollander wrapped the education up into a nice little package and encouraged me to apply what I learned and “start a revolution” of sorts here.

At the time, TRX was a relative newbie to the fitness industry and Tony recalls that interest in the Suspension Trainer was slow to start. Everyone was used to cables, machines, dumbbells and barbells, but this new gadget was a mystery. But as the brand grew and garnered greater exposure, more and more people reached out to him with interest in learning how to use it.

Tony’s instincts about TRX were beginning to pay off.

“I owe a decent amount of our success to TRX,” he explains. “Back in the day, I was known as ‘The TRX Guy’ in Las Vegas. It slightly pigeonholed me at the beginning because people didn’t know what it was, but once people started understanding it a bit more, they began to look to me to teach them about TRX. I’d say it was a big part of our growth in the first few years of business, where people were actually looking for us based on our reputation with TRX. For that, I’m grateful.”


It’s safe to say that Tony, who has worked in the fitness industry for more than 20 years, has seen it all, yet he consistently invests in TRX education because of the value and financial reward it has brought his business. Since listening to that first podcast over 10 years ago, he has taken every single course TRX has to offer.

“I wanted to get the philosophy of TRX down and understand their thinking with their tools,” he says of his decision to complete the full roster. “I had to learn more because I wanted to implement what the TRX purpose was within my own training philosophy.”

He adds, “I love that their philosophy differs slightly from mine and I can merge the two to create something that is more variable for our members as well as incredibly effective for their goals.”

One of the things he’s found most useful about TRX education is that it emphasizes a “use-it-now” approach. He says that he walks away from the courses with a solid structure and guidelines for how to implement what he’s learned with his clients immediately.

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“TRX has their ‘stuff’ together,” Tony says. “They have organized each training program so well and give you an ‘implement this asap’ feeling of possibility. A lot of times you may go to a training, and still not understand how to apply it to your clientele, and I think TRX has fully figured that out.”


Are you ready to follow in Tony’s footsteps and watch your business thrive? To learn more about how to do just that, check out TRX Education.

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