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TRX Rip Rope Turbulence Workout

Posted on Thu, 26 Jan 2012 10:00:00 -08:00

TRX Rip Rope Turbulence Workout

TRX Rip Rope Turbulence Workout

Join TRX Master Instructor Shana Martin for this exciting and calorie-burning TRX Rip Trainer and battling rope metabolic workout. This set only takes 20 minutes but will leave you and your body (especially your core) exhausted!

In the video, Shana provides helpful cues on how to progress and regress five different Rip Training exercises, which will ensure proper technique for you and your clients. Perform 45 seconds of each exercise, alternating sides, for a total of three minutes each round.

Round 1: Rip Lunge Press to Rope Underhand Waves
Round 2: Rip Lunge Row to Rope Alternating Waves
Round 3: Rip Stack to Rope Outward Circles
Round 4: Rip Punch to Rope Jumping Jacks
Round 5: Rip Overhead Axe Chop to Rope Woodchops

This is a great workout that will challenge several foundational movements such as push, pull, rotate and strike. You can perform these as partner drills or use them in small group training, wherever you have the space to let it rip with those battling ropes! For more great Rip Training ideas, click here.

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