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TRX Rip Training: Top Guns Workout

Posted on Mon, 28 Nov 2011 06:28:00 -08:00

TRX Rip Training: Top Guns Workout


Looking for a new exercise sequence to perform on your TRX Rip Trainer? We've got you covered. Here, TRX Head of Education and Development Fraser Quelch is back in the Pagoda of Pain and ready to make you sweat with this high intensity Top Guns workout on the Rip Trainer. Perform each of the following exercises for 45 seconds:

  1. TRX Rip Punch
  2. TRX Rip Slap Shot
  3. TRX Rip Paddleboard Row

Be sure to perform each exercise on your right and left side. Remember, the further you are from the anchor point, the more challenging the exercise will be (i.e., more tension on the cord), so if you feel you've got some fuel left in the tank after this three-exercise sequence, take a few steps away and do it again! Fraser also offers some advanced progressions for those of you ready to take it to the next level. Give this workout a shot, and tell us what you think below.

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